Delanie Walker Wants Redemption After Bye Week


Tennessee Titans tight end Delanie Walker puts the disappointment of the teams loss to the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday right up there with the loss to the Baltimore Ravens in the Super Bowl when he was with the San Francisco 49ers.

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You would think if the Titans had held onto that 4th quarter lead and won game three, everyone would want to scatter to the four winds with a bye week that starts after the Wednesday practice, but they didn’t win.

The ten-year pro and a vocal leader on this team issued his teammates a challenge via Titans Online that during their time off, they watch game film on the Buffalo Bills and make sure they are ready when Rex Ryan and his new team come to town next week.

"“There should be (a sense of urgency),’’ Walker said. “I feel the coaches have a little heat coming off of them, so if these guys are coming in here thinking it’s going to be a cakewalk, they are mistaken.“If you don’t taste it in your mouth, you don’t want to be here. The things that happened in that game should’ve never happened…I can’t tell you exactly what was said, but the point of us not finishing that game, it was ridiculous. It was made perfectly clear by the head coach.”"

He also said the team has 13 games left in the season, and feels like his teammates should keep those 13 games at the top of their priority list for the remainder of this season.

"“If these guys want to really be where they say we want to be, they need to be watching film and not worrying about going somewhere and partying,’’ Walker said."

It sounds to me like Delanie Walker is tired of giving lip service to wanting to be a winning team in the NFL and wants his team to put the time and effort into actually becoming a winning football team and a force in the AFC South.

The Buffalo Bills are 2-1 on the young season, and have already beaten the Indianapolis Colts in the first game of the season.

Unlike the Titans, they were able to protect the home turf and pick up a win that started the Colts woes on opening day.

The Bills play the New York Giants this week before coming to Nashville to face Marcus Mariota and the rest of the Tennessee Titans in week five.

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