3 needs that are being overblown by Tennessee Titans fans

Tennessee Titans Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports
Tennessee Titans Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports /
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For the last few years, the Tennessee Titans had a roster that was talented enough to blur the line between needs and wants in the offseason.

When you talk about positions of need, what you really need to think about is the positions where the Tennessee Titans have no viable option at the position or they have a player whose ceiling is very low.

For example, I would have said that center should have been on the Tennessee Titans needs list until they re-signed Corey Levin. Like I said earlier in the offseason, Levin was one of PFF’s top centers once they placed Ben Jones on I.R. and let him start.

Now that he is back to compete with Aaron Brewer, the Titans do have a viable option with an above-average upside on the roster.

While the Tennessee Titans might want a Pro Bowl center, they don’t need one right now.

Tennessee Titans
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The Tennessee Titans want (but do not need) list

So, with all the discussion going on, which positions do the Tennessee Titans just want to upgrade at even though they don’t need one this offseason?

One thing I want to talk about before you read this list is that you can’t expect injuries. If you are going to worry about the 7th best player at each position, then you can find holes in any position group on any roster.

Depending on your base offense or defense, you really only “need” the number of starters you need and then one or two quality backups.

Like in every case, adding a Pro Bowl player to these positions would be great but given the constraints of which players are available, the number of draft picks the Tennessee Titans have, and the money they have available to spend, you have to be realistic here.