Tennessee Titans: Five Keys After the Bye Week

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After three regular season games, the Tennessee Titans are 1-2 and tied with everyone in the AFC South for supremacy of the division. They firmly beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in game one, got a lesson in rushing the quarterback in the Dawg Pound and felt the agony of defeat on Sunday in a game they should have won at home.

The Titans get a week off this week to ponder the activities of the first three games, and correct problems before Rex Ryan and his much-improved Buffalo Bills come to town for week five on October 11th.

I’m sure there are as many opinions about the early games as there are fans, but I think head coach, Ken Whisenhunt has had three game in order see what he has, and I think at this point he has to like what he’s seen.

Unlike last year, he has a team that won’t quit, and looks to always have a chance to win. They just need to learn how to close games and get those wins.

One analyst on ESPN said that he expects the Titans to have a good second half of the 2015 season after they get the mistakes of a young team ironed out, and could well turn into a juggernaut.

The other factor that has come out of the first three weeks is that we have a better idea of how well other teams on the Titans schedule are playing and can make a better projection as to how the season might turn out in the form of wins and losses.

So let’s take a few minutes and have a look at some changes we might see coming off the bye-week that may well impact the weeks to follow and maybe be the catalyst that could unveil that juggernaut.

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