Tennessee Titans fans need to keep an eye on the Denver Broncos in free agency

Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos
Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos / Michael Owens/GettyImages

Things are getting ugly for the Denver Broncos as they start their rebuild, but that is good news for the Tennessee Titans.

In the last few days, the Broncos have already cut quarterback Russell Wilson and safety Justin Simmons, arguably the most recognizable player on both sides of the ball for Denver. That would be bad enough if that was everything, but it sounds like there will be more cuts coming soon.

Surprisingly, the Broncos have several potential cap cuts or trades that would fill big needs for the Tennessee Titans. There aren't many people who are more connected with the Denver Broncos than Benjamin Allbright and he has been chronicling the potential turmoil.

Allbright posted this yesterday and it paints a picture for what is on the table for the Broncos.

Allbright mentioned Tim [Patrick] might do a contract redo, and that proved to be true since the Broncos announced that on Friday.

Assuming that Allbright is right about the rest of the potential moves, it sounds like Jerry Jeudy and D.J. Jones are either on the trade block for late picks or they are going to be cut outright. It also sounds like left tackle Garett Bolles could be someone that the Broncos want to trade and the same thing can be said for Courtland Suton.

The Tennessee Titans aren't in the position to trade away picks on guys who might be able to get their careers back on track in Nashville, but they are certainly in the position to jump on any of those guys if they are cut.

When it comes to the Denver Broncos, remember that when Brian Callahan was hired as the Tennessee Titans new HC, he retained Justin Outten. Outten was with the Denver Broncos in 2022, so he has had first-hand experience with a lot of these players.

Garett Bolles is the first name that jumps off of the page, and he would skyrocket to the top of the Tennessee Titans free agent board if he hit the open market.

Bolles has started 99 games in his 7-year career and he has been rock-solid as the left tackle for the Denver Broncos and he has the athleticism to thrive in the Tennessee Titans new offense. Finding a way to add a dependable left tackle before the 2024 NFL Draft would open up the Titans to do whatever they wanted with the 7th pick.

Interestingly, Bolles was on the Broncos roster for a season while the Tennessee Titans wide receiver coach Tyke Tolbert was working for Denver (as a wide receivers coach), but Tolbert was gone before these next two names were drafted.

Courtland Sutton and Jerry Jeudy have both proven that they have the talent to be very good WR2s in the NFL, but they just haven't been able to ascend to that next level. Both have been rumored to be on the trade block for years now and it seems like one or both will be moved this offseason.

Either would be a great addition to the Tennessee Titans, though Jeudy certainly has more upside and potential as a field stretcher.

Finally, keep an eye on D.J. Jones. Jones is a nose tackle that would match up perfectly next to Jeffery Simmons in Tennessee and he has a huge connection to the Titans staff. On top of working with Outten in 2022, he spent five years before that with Ran Carthon and the San Francisco 49ers.

Whether it is a defensive tackle, a wide receiver, or a left tackle, any of these additions would scratch off one of the many needs the Tennessee Titans have before the draft.