3 Free agents the Tennessee Titans should sign before Monday

Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans
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Teams like the Tennessee Titans are waiting for free agency to unofficially start on Monday, that is when the floodgates will open and everyone whose contract is expiring will be able to start working on deals with their new teams.

However, there is one group of players that teams don't have to wait to sign and those are players who have been cut from teams.

As the legal tampering period gets closer and closer, players are getting cut left and right. While I expect the Tennessee Titans to be active early in free agency, it wouldn't shock me if they got a jump start on free agency by adding a few of these players who have been cut.

Remember, "cap cuts" were an area that the Tennessee Titans scouted heavily after the 2023 season. When he did his interview with the OTP, Chad Brinker talked about this when he broke free agency into three groups: retail, wholesale, and Costco.

According to Brinker, teams have to pay retail prices for the big-ticket players, they pay wholesale prices for the guys who don't get massive contracts in the first wave of free agency, and then the players who were cut by teams are usually the cheapest or provide the best value.

These are 3 "Costco" players that the Tennessee Titans should sign.