2023 NFL Draft grade: Tennessee Titans trade up for Will Levis

Kentucky v Missouri
Kentucky v Missouri / Jay Biggerstaff/GettyImages

Whether you want to call them safe or conservative, it is hard to find anyone who thinks that Peter Skoronski won't be a hit with for the Tennessee Titans. That isn't what happened when they picked in the second round.

Going into the day, there were more than a dozen pass catchers that made sense for the Tennessee Titans on Day 2, but we have learned that Mike Vrabel doesn't necessarily place a premium on the receiver position.

After trading up to draft Will Levis the quarterback from Kentucky, it might be fair to say that they don't put much emphasis on the passing game at all.

What does this pick do for the Tennessee Titans

On Thursday night, Tennessee Titans fans had hopes of trading up for C.J. Stroud at 3. When that fell through, there was a brief hope of maybe landing a developmental quarterback with elite athleticism in Anthony Richardson.

What they got instead was a quarterback that nearly every team in the NFL passed on and it cost them the 33rd pick, a pick swap in the 3rd round this year, and a 3rd round pick in 2024.

Aside from Will Levis clearly being a product of draft media overhyping a player based on narratives that they had decided on before the year began, this is a terrible thing for the Tennessee Titans going forward because it makes the future murky. Not only do they now have a quarterback that has never had a 2:1 TD-to-INT ratio, but they also have a quarterback who couldn't win a starting job at Penn State for three years and then transferred to Kentucky where he put up middling numbers as a redshirt junior before a bad season in 2022.

If things don't go well for the Tennessee Titans this season, what is the plan? Will they be stuck in the same situation that the New York Giants are with Daniel Jones? For all of the talk about how being a second-round pick softens the blow here, trading up to the top of the second round and giving up a top-100 pick in the future to do it, puts expectations on him to be the next starter.

It also starts the clock on Mike Vrabel. Whether you agree or disagree right now, it doesn't matter. History shows you that you don't get multiple chances to develop quarterbacks that you draft inside the top-100 pick and the spotlight is going to get awfully hot on him considering that he is currently riding a seven-game losing streak and he is barrelling towards one of the worst losing streaks since the Titans have been called the Titans.

Grade: F