2023 NFL Draft grade: Tennessee Titans draft Colton Dowell

Dallas Cowboys v Tennessee Titans
Dallas Cowboys v Tennessee Titans / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

With their final pick of the 2023 NFL Draft, the Tennessee Titans pick their first receiver in Colton Dowell.

Day 3 meant that the Tennessee Titans' position coaches got to take their shot at playing GM and after Tony Dews and John Houghtaling had their chances, Rob Moore got to wrap up the class. While it was presumably Rob Moore making the selection, it probably helps that the Tennessee Titans have Matt Jones on staff. Until a few months ago, Jones was the offensive line coach at UT Martin.

In what was the first draft in franchise history where the Tennessee Titans only selected offensive players, they came away with two linemen, a quarterback, a tight end, and a receiver.

What does this pick do for the Tennessee Titans

Dowell probably won't ever play a snap of offense for the Titans, but it you are ever going to take a flyer on someone from UT Martin, it might as well be Dowell.

As you can see above he has the H/W/S that you gamble on and he might have finally just had something click. After four seasons of mediocre production, he had his first 1,000-yard season so at worst he can be a camp body that you might be surprised with.

Mike Vrabel insisted after their press conference on Friday night that there were more moves to come and that the roster would look much different in September than it does now. If that is true then it would be great news for Dowell who could end up on the Titans practice squad for a season or two and then check on his development down the line.

Grade: C