NFL Network says Marcus Mariota might be the next Ryan Tannehill

Marcus Mariota is in the news again.

Tennessee Titans fans are well versed with last year’s quarterback switch that saw the former 2nd overall pick Marcus Mariota head to the bench in favor of Ryan Tannehill

From there, the Titans went from being one of the worst offenses in the NFL to being one of the best in just a few months time.

Not all of that is on the shoulder (or nerve damaged elbow) of Marcus Mariota, but clearly, Ryan Tannehill was the right choice for the Titans short and long term.

After a year spent (mostly) on the bench, a healthier and happier Marcus Mariota is apparently catching the eye of some decision-makers around the NFL. So much so that he might be on the move to take over a starting job somewhere.

According to Ian Rapoport in the clip above “There is legitimate and real interest in Marcus Mariota…Maybe he could be the next Ryan Tannehill.”

When you step back and think about it, sure why can’t Marcus Mariota be a top trade candidate in this economy?

Carson Wentz just had a terrible season and hasn’t been good since his injury before the Nick Foles Super Bowl, but his name is getting thrown around as a player worth at least a 1st round pick.

Sam Darnold has never been good and has gotten two coaches fired (one that deserved it), but people still talk about him like he has any value at all.

Marcus Mariota is 27 years old and if a team trades for him they will be getting a quarterback on a 1 year, $11 million deal with no money in guarantees. If that team really believes in Mariota, then they will be able to restructure that into a nice two year deal with almost no cap hit in 2021 and then more guaranteed money over 2021 and 2022.

The NFL’s game of musical chair quarterbacks is almost done, it was a blink-and-you-will-miss-it game, but here were the candidates:

-Matt Stafford (traded)

-Jared Goff (traded)

-Jameis Winston (likely staying with New Orleans)

-Sam Darnold (bad, but likely staying)

-Carson Wentz (likely going to the Bears or Colts)

-Deshaun Watson

Some team is going to play around and end up with no quarterback, likely backing themselves into a corner for 2021. Marcus Mariota can be that bridge for someone with starter upside, and it allows a GM and HC to take a breath and not panic in the next draft class.

Time will tell whether Mariota will be the next Tannehill, but I can see the appeal in a world where people are getting thirsty for Sam Darnold.