Former Tennessee Titans QB Marcus Mariota engaged

Tennessee Titans QB Marcus Mariota set to tie the knot.

Former Tennessee Titans QB Marcus Mariota is engaged to his college sweetheart and the Titans faithful should be very happy for him.

Rarely do I ever write anything like this, but it is important to remember that Marcus Mariota is a (great) person and not just a football player or an arguing point.

For the better part of 2018 and 2019, fans turned on each other with some believing that Marcus Mariota was the franchise QB when healthy. The problem came when the other half of the fan base believed that he wasn’t ever healthy so it was impossible to tell what he could be, and even then the Titans didn’t pass enough for him to really get to prove it.

Whether people want to admit it now or not, there was a time where a part of the fan base was waiting for the Titans QB to get hurt just so they could post that “I told you so” tweet that had been saved on their account since these arguments started.

For most though, it was a gut punch when Mariota was pulled from the Denver Broncos game without suffering an injury. For the first time in his career, it looked like the Titans were ready to give someone else a shot at being the quarterback and the rest is history.

Still, this glosses over one of the more remarkable careers and people in Tennessee’s history. At the time he was benched, Marcus Mariota held the franchise record for completion percentage, fewest interceptions, the lowest rate of interceptions, and yards per attempt for a Titans/Oilers QB that actually qualified as a starter and not someone who just played a game or two.

On top of that, he was one of the best people to ever play for the Titans when you look at the person off the field. He helped bring many fans to Tennessee from the college ranks and hopefully, those fans stick with Tennessee to see what comes next.

Even beyond that, he was one of the most giving people with his time and that isn’t opinion, all you have to do is search his name on the internet and it won’t take long to find people raving about how generous he was.

I think even the people who wanted him gone would admit that, and I think it is ok to separate the human from the football player long enough to say congratulations Marcus Mariota.