Titans video proves Derrick Henry is the best big play RB in history

Derrick Henry (22), Mike Vrabel, Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports)
Derrick Henry (22), Mike Vrabel, Tennessee Titans (Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports) /

Derrick Henry is historically great.

In a league defined by the quarterback position, Derrick Henry continues to stand out as the one running back who truly matters.

Derrick Henry started off the season a little bit slow for the Tennessee Titans despite getting plenty of volume. However, if you have been following us at Titan Sized then you know that we identified it as an issue, addressed why it wasn’t a long term problem, and projected when it would be fixed.

Last week against the Houston Texans we were all reminded why this staff and locker room love Derrick Henry so much as he and Ryan Tannehill combined for a day of offense that saw the NFL’s first performance where a team had a 350+ yard passer and a 200+ yard rusher in the same game.

But the Titans were quick to remind everyone that this isn’t a flash in the pan, Henry has consistently been a home run hitter. They posted the 10 longest plays of his career and it was eye-opening to see them all together in one place.

Check out the video below:


There are actually 13 plays in that video four receptions and nine rushes because there were times where Henry had multiple plays of 50+ yards that were the same length. So instead of excluding some 75+ yard plays they just listed them as “ties”.

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I bring that up because even if you exclude the duplicate numbers, Derrick Henry’s 10 longest played add up to 655 yards, and 589 of those yards are rushing yards.

That is simply incredible no matter how you slice it and seeing all of those plays laid out in front of you with different coaching staffs, offensive lines, situations, opponents, etc. I don’t know how you can argue that he isn’t one of the most explosive running backs to ever play in the NFL.

Not only that, but it is time to start talking about him as the best “home run” threat in NFL history because there aren’t many 10 (or 13) play cut-ups that match that level of domination.

In those clips, Derrick Henry shows he can overpower linebackers, outrun defensive backs, hit huge plays from the middle of the field, bounce it to the outside, create something from nothing, and the list goes on and on.

Basically, when Derrick Henry is at his best he can beat you any way that he wants and there isn’t a thing you can do about it.