5 Tennessee Titans who could win comeback player of the year in 2019

CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 27: Delanie Walker
CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 27: Delanie Walker /
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4. Dion Lewis, Running back

This is a strange one, but hear me out. What do Tennessee Titans fans expect from Dion Lewis in 2019? Nothing.

In fact, if it were up to most fans Dion Lewis would never see the field on 1st or 2nd down and only sometimes on 3rd down. This is such a far cry from where the majority of fans and media personalities were in 2018.

Before the Tennessee Titans season it looked like they had found their Darren Sproles or Brian Westbrook. Someone who could be the change of pace back that everyone feared because of all the unique ways you could use him.

Instead, he had a dud of a season and showed why you really shouldn’t fall in love with New England Patriots players in free agency (except you Logan Ryan). But, is that really the end of his story?

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If he came back and somehow was that guy for the Titans this year it would be huge for his legacy and for the Tennessee offense.

Honestly, I think the idea of Lewis having a big season is being slept on, especially when you look at my article earlier on the changes that Arthur Smith will make on offense.

If the Titans get more creative and use Lewis as a hybrid WR/RB that gets used on jet sweeps, screens, reverses, and other gadget plays as well as being lined up occasionally at fullback for some strange looks, he would suddenly be back to his exciting New England self.

Is there a scenario where Derrick Henry rushes for 1,300 yards and Dion Lewis combines for 1,500 yards in yards from scrimmage? Last year he had more than half that despite being incredible inefficient with questionable play calling and some issues on the offensive line.

With those things hopefully settled, is there a path for Lewis to become the poor-man’s Alvin Kamara of the Tennessee Titans offense?