My three all-time favorite Tennessee Titans quarterbacks

My favorite Tennessee Titans quarterback of all-time, and why it might change in a few years.

The Tennessee Titans haven’t been around long, but they have been around just long enough to experience some real highs and lows at the quarterback position.

There has been an MVP, a top 10 bust, a controversial player, a young star, an imported bridgegap and a whole lot of average or worse in between.

This is my list of top Titans QBs:

3rd place: Matt Hasselbeck

I don’t think there is a more forgotten era in the Titans brief history than the Mike Munchak days. They weren’t good enough to get to the playoffs, and they weren’t bad enough to be remembered over the Ken Whisenhunt years.

One of the victims of that is Matt Hasselbeck who was a fun bridgegap as the Titans let Jake Locker sit and develop…or whatever he actually did.

During his two years with the Titans he went 11-10, passed for more than 230 yards per game, had a 25:19 TD to INT ratio, and helped put together the most consistent performances in nearly a decade.

He helped stabilize this franchise during his time as the starter and while he never blew anyone away, he was always a great face of the Titans and was well liked by everyone.

2nd place: Marcus Mariota

Is there a QB who has come to Tennessee and done more in his first three years with the Titans? Surely not right? After inheriting a dumpster fire in his first year, he has gone 18-14 as a starter including the playoffs last year.

In terms of stats, even with his horrific year last year in the pit of despair that is the Terry Robiskie offense, over his last years these are his numbers:

Total TDs: 51

Interceptions: 25

Total yards: 7,861

Those are all really good marks and for all the negative remarks he gets from his time last year, he never gets appropriate credit for how great he was the year before. So if it all evens out and he is just a guy who averages 26 TDs, 13 INTs and nearly 4,000 yards per year that is still pretty damn good.

1st place: Steve McNair

There was never any doubt, but yes Steve McNair has to be the top guy on this list.

He is the only guy in Titans history that really made Tennessee a legitimate threat in the NFL for any length of time. His Co-MVP in 2003 is maybe the highest honor that any Titans player has achieved so far.

If you don’t really know who McNair was or how impressive he was, then you need to go watch the special that NFL Network did on him a while back. It is an excellent deep dive on the type of person he was and how impressive it was for him to drag himself up off the ground week in and week out.

Since McNair left the Titans, the have had glimpses of dominance (10-0, CJ2K, the comeback in KC) but nothing that really made you feel like this was the next era of Titans football.

Until the Titans make a deep post season run, every year stands in the shadow of McNair’s legacy.