Tennessee Titans update on the Corey Davis injury

DETROIT, MI - DECEMBER 02: Corey Davis
DETROIT, MI - DECEMBER 02: Corey Davis /

Where does Tennessee Titans rookie Corey Davis stand right now.

It was disappointing when Tennessee Titans 5th overall pick Corey Davis was injured in camp.

However, there is good news that the injury may have been slightly better than they thought.

It appears that there is a chance that the rookie can play in the Titans 4th preseason game.

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According to quotes and the team’s website, if Davis tests well he could see some practice and game time soon. However, Mike Mularkey also indicated that if they had any concern they would not play him until the regular season:

“Mularkey seemed to temper expectations surrounding Davis. On Sunday, he indicated Davis is on track to play in the team’s fourth preseason game, but on Monday the head coach made it clear the team won’t rush him back. 

‘We’re being smart with him,’ Mularkey said of Davis. ‘It’s a day-by-day thing. I think he’s in a good position right now. I don’t know when that day is, I wish I could tell you that, I wish he knew. We’ll be overly cautious with him. We want him for the regular season games.'”

Notice that this is the first time that the injury to Davis was called “day-to-day” instead of “week-to-week”, that is why I put it in bold.

In case you missed it earlier, this is going exactly like I hoped in my “Corey Davis action plan” post when the injury was announced in terms of in-game action, though I would have liked for him to practice some last week.

If Davis can be healthy enough for 5 snaps on the left side, 5 snaps on the right side, and a couple of snaps in the slot in the Week 4 preseason game then I would be thrilled.

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And if not, as long as they are comfortable with him being a decent part of the offense in Week 1, then I don’t care.

The only real concern I have at this point is that if he can’t practice and go in the preseason game, then can they trust him to take more than 20 snaps in the regular season game given how he hasn’t played any extended time?

I don’t know, but all of that kind of goes away if he can play in the last week of preseason and come out the other end healthy, even if he doesn’t catch a pass.