Tennessee Titans: Corey Davis action plan

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What should the Tennessee Titans do about Corey Davis.

Corey Davis tweaked his hamstring today, and we don’t know the severity.

It wasn’t a huge “He pulled up short and then got carted off” sort of situation. It sounds like he went through a drill, finished and then talked to the trainers and went inside.

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I want to say right now that I am cautiously optimistic about the hamstring.

Mike Mularkey said something similar in his post practice conference. This is the quote from Mularkey courtesy of Jim Wyatt here:

"“Am I worried about that?,’’ Mularkey said. “I am not worried about that — it is part of the game. It is out of my control right now, and we’ll try and do whatever we can to get him back healthy. But we are OK at that position.”"

It sounds like a ding and while it was enough to stop a practice with over a week left before the first preseason game, I don’t think it is that bad.

Still, hamstring injuries can be lingering things if you don’t take care of them properly. If I were Mike Mularkey, this would be my preseason gameplan.

Preseason Week 1: No practice, no game.

This is going to be a high flying affair. Rookies and fringe guys are desperately trying to make the roster and blowing up a top-5 pick would certainly get attention.

I would hold Davis out through this point in practice and for the game.

Preseason Week 2: Light practice, no game.

Now we start to get him going back up. You have numbers at wide receiver to rest him for this long and you can slowly start to work him back into practice. Ideally, in the last padded practice of that week he is a full go.

Preseason Week 3: Full practice, no game.

It is tempting to put Corey Davis in the game here, but you have to remember that you don’t need these wins at all in the preseason.

While he could probably play, you want to give him this extra rest to really make sure the hamstring is 100%.

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  • Preseason Week 4: Full practice, serious game time.

    You want to knock the dust off of him so to speak. I would go in game planning for whichever QB is going to start the game (Marcus Mariota shouldn’t be playing in Week 4 of the preseason) to really try to get Davis some touches.

    You would like to see him do some real routes and really show a seperation between his talent and the talent covering him. Maybe he has a long catch and run, or a deep ball that he high points.

    Either way, you want to see a good bit of him in this game compared to the other starters. Maybe 3 series where you give him 7 targets or so. Let him adjust to the speed so he can be ready Week 1.

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    That ends up giving Davis a month to rest from this injury if it is anything even close to being serious. He gets to actually match up with another NFL defense, but at a point where it doesn’t really matter and he can safely be the focal point of the offense.

    Hopefully in a few hours they say he is fine and that he will practice tomorrow, no big deal. But if they don’t this is what I would want for Corey Davis.