6 coaches Albert Breer thinks are fits with the Titans


At this point, it is a foregone conclusion that no matter what happens this weekend, the Tennessee Titans will be looking for a new head coach.

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Albert Breer just posted an article where he describes some coaches he sees as potential fits for the Titans. While there are many names floating around, this is the first big news outlet that has put out such a detailed list with potential fits listed as well.

Breer is a very well connected source, so his “possible fits” mean more to me than someone without that depth of knowledge. So, here are the six coaches he mentioned:

The front runner:

1. Hue Jackson OC, Cincinnati Bengals

-I have said time and time again that Jackson has earned to be the top head coaching candidate in any list.

First of all, Hue Jackson has experience as both an offensive and defensive coach which gives him a huge leg up on any other candidates. He understands how to balance a team, and he won’t be focused on one side of the ball in free agency or the draft.

Secondly, look what the did with the Oakland Raiders. In 2011 he took that team to an 8-8 record and was fired at the end of the season. While that may look average think about this, over the next three years that team only won 11 games combined.

He is great “schemer” and knows how to manipulate defenses into giving him the coverage he wants on offense. He would set this team up perfectly.

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  • The winners

    To an extent, these three on this list are such big names because of how many wins their teams have. They have the luxury of being behind head coaches.

    2. Josh McDaniels OC, New England Patriots

    -His biggest strength to me is that he can scheme around a bad offensive line and no wide receivers. He does have Tom Brady which helps a lot, but that isn’t as easy as it seems.

    3. Mike Shula OC, Carolina Panthers

    -Shula’s stock has gone through the roof this year and I don’t hate this idea. He knows how to move his quarterback around and he is also winning without a good offensive line or any other big offensive weapons. My issue is, how much of his success is because Cam Newton is a physical freak?

    4. Darrell Bevell OC, Seattle Seahawks

    -Bevell has the most issues from a scheme perspective, but he has also worked with the quarterback most like Marcus Mariota. If this team had a strong runner, or even Marshawn Lynch himself then this could work.

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    Fallen from grace

    These two were names that six months to a year ago, people would have been very excited about. However, now the shine is off of their name.

    5. Kyle Shanahan OC, Atlanta Falcons

    -I don’t like Shanahan. While I think he does a lot of things well from a scheme stand point, he also has one of the best playmakers in the NFL in Julio Jones so how much of it is honestly him?

    Like with the Newton/Shula connection, I don’t know how much of his offense revolves around the fact that they have someone who is essentially unstoppable when healthy.

    6. Chip Kelly

    We have talked extensively about Kelly, and you can find my thoughts here.