The good side of Chip Kelly


Chip Kelly is now a free agent, but is he the right fit in Tennessee? For all of you so quick to throw him down, don’t forget all the good he has done.

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Back when Chip Kelly was hired, he took a team that was essentially rudderless and ended up giving them a double digit win season. People forget that Andy Reid had worn out his welcome in Philly and that his 4-12 team was the final straw.

If you think he inherited a loaded roster, guess which superstars he had at quarterback? Michael Vick, Nick Foles and Matt Barkley headlined that group, none of which will be starting in 2016 and two may not even be in the NFL.

He also inherited the one of the worst groups of defensive backs and linebackers in the NFL, which was a key in why that defense has been so bad for so many years.

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  • However, despite that he won 20 games of his first two years. To put that in perspective, it would take Ken Whisenhunt and Mike Mularkey 8 seasons to match that total.

    When he has stayed out of the personnel decisions, his teams have been great. It is Chip Kelly the GM that has sabotaged Chip Kelly the head coach.

    Having said that, I absolutely don’t think that Chip Kelly should be the next head coach of the Titans, especially if Hue Jackson is available. The Tennessee Titans have to be very careful with these next two hires (HC/GM), but if they are then this team could be very good in the next two years.

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    However, I don’t think that move needs to be Chip Kelly. If that move is made, then he needs to be paired with a strong GM who won’t let Kelly persuade him or influence him in decisions.