Tennessee Titans power rankings around the league Week 9


The Tennessee Titan have had a huge shift in coaching with Ken Whisenhunt being fired. In the midst of the Mike Mularkey change at head coach, I didn’t get to put out a look at where the Titans landed in the power rankings around the NFL. After you look at them though, you may wish that I just forgot them entirely this week.

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NFL.com: 31 (30)

“Maybe that 42-14 drubbing of the Bucs in Week 1 set expectations too high. Maybe 1-6 this season — and 3-20 stretching back to 2014 — was a putrid enough record for the Titans to say enough is enough. Or maybe Ken Whisenhunt was never tied to Marcus Mariota‘s early career arc, at least not in the eyes of the decision-makers in Nashville. Thus, in an odd move, given that the club decided to sink or swim with a rookie quarterback, Whisenhunt has been let go and replaced in the interim with another head-coaching castoff, Mike Mularkey. What a rough business NFL coaching is”

-Elliot Harrison

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  • At this point I think it is safe to say that it was Whisenhunt’s game plans that got him fired. Whether or not Marcus Mariota did a good job early was a moot point if Whiz didn’t show that he could protect him and make him feel comfortable. The game plan against the Texans showed ownership that he either doesn’t know how to protect against J.J. Watt or refuses to change his philosophy to fix that problem.

    CBS.com: 32 (31)

    “They have to get Marcus Mariota back to get ready for 2016. This season is over.”

    -Pete Prisco

    This isn’t a great job of giving analysis, but it is hard to argue. If the Titans are going to have to prove to people that they are going to change their level of play this year if they are going to get any respect.

    ESPN.com: 32 (30)

    “On Sunday, Zach Mettenberger fell to 0-8 in his career as a starting quarterback. He has thrown at least one interception in all eight starts.”

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    Zach Mettenberger isn’t good, but I think people forget that the Titans are averaging more than 14 points extra per game when Marcus Mariota is in. I expect that the Titans will look much better in the future, and finally put the “Mettenberger is better” talk to bed.

    Composite ranking: 31.7