Titans vs Texans: The Who Cares Game Week 8


The Tennessee Titans travel to NRG Stadium in Houston for a week 8 matchup with the Texans on Sunday, and I am not sure anyone really cares. The only news out of any camp has more to do with Ryan Mallett‘s dismissal and Marcus Mariota‘s injury status than any analysis of the game.

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While picking winners for this week’s slate of games, Pat Kirwan and Jim Miller on SiriusXM Radio Movin the Chains said they felt sorry for anyone who had to watch this game, but that he would give the advantage to the Texans.

I’m not sure that I don’t agree with them. There are many other games on the slate this weekend that will be more exciting than watching a couple of AFC South rivals with three wins between them, duke it out for the division cellar.

It’s ironic that the proud old franchise that was loved in Houston will be going home to meet the replacement franchise, and both franchises have become insignificant around the NFL.

While the lifeless Houston Texans try to recover from Hard Knocks, and bad draft picks, the Tennessee Titans are a rudderless ship that continues to float through life in Nashville where most peoplle are too busy making music to care about a football team that hasn’t won but three games in the last two seasons.

I have to agree with David Climer from the Tennessean and his October 28th column entitled: Titans owners should do us all a favor and sell the team.

I traveled to Nashville for the week five game with the Buffalo Bills, and found myself as part of the minority. My family and our new Marcus Mariota jerseys were surrounded by obnoxious Buffalo Bills fans that had taken over Nissan Stadium.

I knew the Titans would come through and win this game just for me, and shut the Bills fans up. Like the rest of the people wearing Titans gear, we had to leave the stadium with our tails between our legs and listen to the Bills chants everywhere.

Yeah! I’m going back real soon.

The Texans haven’t done much better, and have went downhill quickly since firing Gary Kubiak. Bill O’Brien made a blunder right out of the gate by drafting Jadeveon Clowney with a pick that could have landed a franchise quarterback.

Teddy Bridgewater, David Carr and Blake Bortles were all available when they took the pass rusher from South Carolina.

Hey…. they already had J.J. Watt in the lineup.

The only decision that would have been a bigger disaster was Johnny Manziel.

There is a bright spot in this game. Maybe the Titans ownership will get out to take a look at their team and get to see how bad they really are.

After all, they still live in Houston, and they won’t travel to Nashville to see them, so maybe they can catch them at home.

Yeah, I’ll watch this game, but at this point of the season, do you really care who wins?

If the Titans can continue to lose games, fans will get another head coach and the new coach will get another great draft pick in 2016!

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