Interesting things happening with the Tennessee Titans next opponent


The Tennessee Titans lost every game of their four game home stretch, which is gut wrenching to think about. So if the Titans ever needed another team to have a bad week of practice, it is this week when they need a bounce back game to build there confidence.

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Well, recent reports have been cropping up the past two days about the Houston Texans and some struggles they are having to overcome. Here are the big ones:

Arian Foster done

The former University of Tennessee running back gave the Tennessee Titans fits during his career at Houston. Compound that with a defense that is struggling to stop the run, and you would have had a rough day ahead for the Titans. However, it has been reported that his Achilles injury is serious and that he is done for the season.

That has to be a devastating blow to this organization, and at this point the Texans really have to start thinking about what happens after Foster. That injury was is third major one in two years, and it is very possible that he is done for his career in Houston. How will the Texans deal with this injury on short notice?

Next man up?

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  • Ryan Mallett was supposed to be the strong-armed quarterback that finally put this team over the edge. Well, until he wasn’t. The Texans bungled this situation even more than you know because they traded Ryan Fitzpatrick to the Jets and he is having a great season.

    Hoyer is now the clear starter and that is a bad thing for the Texans. Don’t be deceived by his stat line, he is completing less than 60% of his passes and his two biggest games came from when he was sitting on the bench and came in either against terrible defenses or garbage time.

    Banged up defense?

    Two names everyone points two when thinking about this defense are Jadeveon Clowney and JJ Watt. One has earned the praise he gets and the other is Clowney. Both sat out practice today according to multiple sources, Watt has a back injury that plagued him in last week’s game and Clowney is sick again.

    I don’t expect this Titans offense to dominate the Texans defense, but what I do expect is that a slowed down defense may give the Titans more time to do what they want to do.

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