Tennessee Titans: Time for ownership to come out of hiding


Tennessee Titans fans had differing opinions about the late Bud Adams, and his handling of the team in his last few years as the owner. But one thing we all understood..

Mr. Adams wouldn’t hesitate to voice his displeasure, and he didn’t make threats…he made promises.

Whether it was breaking up the Warren Moon led 1993 Oilers team as promised, after failing to advance in the playoffs yet again. Or his relocating the team in 1997, after the city of Houston backed him into a corner. Or his infamous “Playoffs or Pink Slips” threat to the 1999 team, who were stuck in a rut after consecutive 8-8 seasons.

And we all know how that team responded.

Whenever he had to, Mr Adams would speak up, even if it put tremendous pressure on his players and staff. Like it, love it, or hate it, you never had to wonder where he stood on the most important and pressing team issues.

That’s something that the current regime needs to do right away, before they find themselves in an ugly stand-off with current season ticket holders.

The Titans looked unprepared, and uninspired on Sunday. The Dolphins were in turmoil and in danger of seeing their season slip away. They had a rookie head coach, and thoroughly outplayed Tennessee on both sides of the ball.

Ken Whisenhunt is now 3-18 as head coach of the Titans, and has not won a home game in a calendar year. That’s unfathomable in today’s NFL, which is designed to have parody in the league each year.

His challenge that could not be challenged cost the team a second half time out. And leaving your franchise quarterback in the game with what we now know is a grade 2 knee sprain, when you have a healthy and capable back up qb in Zach Mettenberger is beyond comprehension.

Mariota looked visibly hobbled throughout the rest of the game. It was target practice for the Dolphins’ front seven. As of now, we do not know how much, if any time the rookie will miss.

Now the Titans are in the midst of another Whisenhunt losing streak, and still, nothing from the front office.

The new ownership regime consists of five people, with Amy Adams Strunk serving as Controlling Owner. Ultimately, the buck stops with her.

Unlike her father Mr. Adams, Amy Adams Strunk has been consistently quiet while in charge…electing not to micro-manage the people she employs to make football decisions. But if she listened to the post game show on the team’s flagship station, 104.5 The Zone, then should would strongly reconsider.

And most importantly, intervene.

Caller after caller, both in yesterday’s post game show, and throughout the day today, expressed their willingness to forfeit their season tickets if ownership doesn’t step up and make some changes. Starting with replacing Ken Whisenhunt as head coach.

If the team continues to lose, and ownership continues to say and do nothing, then you will see an embarrassingly empty stadium in downtown Nashville for the remainder of the season. Something that no front office wants to see.

Amy Adams Strunk should, at the very least, release a statement on the state of the team.

If the call is for patience, with the admittance that this is just year 1 of a rebuilding process, then say so.

If the front office feels that the team should be further along, and would explore changes if things don’t turn around, then say that too.

Come out of hiding and say something, before the fans do the speaking for you.

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