Who can the Tennessee Titans add to this team?


The Tennessee Titans have holes at center and edge rusher now that Deiontrez Mount and Brian Schwenke have been put on injured reserve. So, the question is what do the Titans do now?

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While Andy Gallik is young and did some really nice things, his performance Sunday wasn’t inspiring. I think he is a very good backup caliber interior OL right now, but can they trust him to read a defense and communicate with Marcus Mariota like a veteran? I just don’t know.

Right now, my favorite candidate to replace Gallik is Brian De La Puenta. Year after year this guy is rated as one of PFF’s best centers and yet he struggles to find work. I don’t care what you have to change to optimize this guy’s attributes, but do it because when he is on he is on.

This is a guy that you can absolutely trust to protect your quarterback and someone who will give you a push in the running game.

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  • The only other name that pops to mind is Fernando Velasco. He is very familiar with the Titans and has had some nice years in the past. While I think he is less talented than BDLP right now, he is still a smart option.


    I have already talked about how much I like Jason Babin, and I think he is the obvious choice, but that isn’t all that is out there.

    Quentin Groves is another player that is very familiar with this coaching staff. While he doesn’t offer much as an edge rusher, he is an above average special teams player that could earn a spot on the 53-man roster.

    Parys Haralson isn’t a great option, he has shown flashes of being a good backup. If the Titans want someone with experience to play some snaps on defense, he is the best option outside of Babin.

    These are the best candidates to help the Titans immediately, and fill their holes for at least this season. While the list isn’t inspiring, good coaching can make them all serviceable, which is what the Titans need.

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