Tennessee Titans: Kendall Wright is right


The Tennessee Titans snatched defeat from the jaws of victory for a second straight game Sunday, leaving wide receiver Kendall Wright understandably frustrated…and uncharacteristically vocal after the game.

Titans Online Senior Writer Jim Wyatt reports that the team’s number 1 receiver feels like he isn’t being utilized like one.

Wright’s comments on his role in the offense…

“I have been playing this position for a while, and some games I go without getting targets in the first half. As a receiver, it is hard to go out there and make a play late in the third quarter or fourth quarter when you haven’t been getting anything. “

He wasn’t done…

“I don’t feel like I’m being able to do what I can do until late in games. I feel like I’m a good receiver and I feel like I’ve been open and I can beat the DBs, but I haven’t really been given the opportunity I’ve been looking for. At this point I just want to do something to be relevant, and I don’t think I’m being relevant at all. I just want to be relevant again.”

Surprising to hear from the usually quiet receiver, but Kendall Wright is right.

After being selected in the first round of the 2012 draft, Wright co-led all rookie receivers in catches. The following season, he had over a thousand receiving yards.

Wright was progressing at a rate befitting a number 1 receiver, but under coach Whisenhunt’s year and four game regime, he’s become more of a “system” receiver.

Just one of the guys.

Yes, Kendall Wright currently leads the team in targets with 26, but the overall distribution suggests that Tennessee is willing to dink and dunk their way through the 2015 season. The tight ends have a combined 39 targets so far, and the backs an additional 24 targets.

When given opportunities this year, Wright has delivered. He opened the season with a fifty-plus yard touchdown reception on the game’s first drive. He’s averaging over 25 yards a game in run after the catch, and converts first downs on 58% of his receptions.

Two weeks ago Wright was targeted twelve times, and turned in a 7 catch, 95 yard, 1 td performance.  He averaged over 13 yards a reception, and made a huge impact. Tennessee scored 33 points that day.

Wright saw half as many targets last Sunday, and was missed for a walk-in touchdown when Mariota under threw him on a deep ball. Add back to back defeats in the final seconds, and you can understand the frustration.

Coach Whisenhunt downplayed Wright’s remarks, stating that the two have talked about it and are on the same page.

For the team’s sake, I hope it’s Wright’s page.

At 1-3, the Titans are now in a must-win situation this week against Miami. If they want to stay in the discussion for a division title, then they cannot fall to 1-4.  With the season on the line, you want your best players to determine the outcome…even if you have to force-feed them.

Teams force-feed their number 1 receivers with great regularity and success each and every week.

Kendall Wright is the Titans’ best weapon on offense. He should be given the opportunity to have an impact on this week’s outcome.

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