Tennessee Titans power rankings around the league Week 6


The Tennessee Titans dropped another excruciatingly close loss on Sunday, and fall to 1-3. Despite this the Tennessee Titans still have a better win percentage than the Miami Dolphins (tied), Houston Texans (who they play twice), the Jacksonville Jaguars (again who they play twice), and the New Orleans Saints. So with that, you could argue that they are on pace for a six or seven win season with several more winnable games still on the table.

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However, let’s look at where the Titans rank in the national media.

NFL.com: 23 (Last week 23)

“Sure looked like the Titans were going to win on Sunday. What an anticlimactic finish: Down by a point with 1:41 remaining, Marcus Mariota was picked off on the very first play of the drive. He merely needed to move the offense 35 yards to get into Ryan Succop‘s range. Instead, he forced the ball to Kendall Wright, ignoring the bevy of Bills in the vicinity. Nice to see the kid use his legs in this game, though. Been waiting for that development.”

-Elliott Harrison

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  • I’m not sure if it has been published on this site yet, but Marcus Mariota made the correct read on Sunday. National media hasn’t picked it up yet, but it has been reported by Whisenhunt himself that Justin Hunter ran the wrong route on the final offensive play.

    If Justin Hunter runs his post and breaks at the correct time then Mariota’s pass hits Kendall Wright in stride. Instead, Hunter doesn’t pull off the safety and his man and that screws up the timing of the route and makes Mariota look bad.

    So Harrison’s analysis is wrong here, Mariota was right there was no “forcing the ball” just a timing play where a receiver ran the wrong route.

    CBS.com: 24 (24)

    “They came off the bye and played well on defense against the Bills, but the offense struggled. There will be days like that for rookie passer Marcus Mariota.”

    -Pete Prisco

    Mariota had some rookie moments, but he also did very well when he was constantly being pressured by a great front four. Mariota looked poised and didn’t make any big mistakes, including the turnover (see above). The team should have won that game, but again third and long conversions continue to kill the Titans.

    ESPN.com: 27 (23)

    “The Titans are 0-2 to start their October-long homestand, but the losses have been by a combined three points. They’re the only team with two games decided by two or fewer points this season.”


    I think ESPN dropped them mainly because of their record rather than their performance. Again, they are clearly so close and they indicate that, but being close and losing leads to the reigning AFC South champions and a probably playoff team is rough, but it does show drastic improvement compared to how bad this team looked through four games last year.

    Composite ranking: 24.6

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