Marcus Mariota: New week, new QB comparison


In the season opener, it was Marcus Mariota vs Jameis Winston. Last week, it was Marcus Mariota vs Johnny Manziel. The NFL had a ball dissecting the three collegiate superstars, and projecting their success at the professional level.

This week, Mariota’s Heisman House reunion takes a detour, but that doesn’t mean the comparisons will stop. In fact, expect more qb comparisons as the Tennessee Titans open Nissan Stadium this Sunday against Andrew Luck, and the Indianapolis Colts.

Luck, like Winston and Manziel, was a collegiate superstar. He was also the number one overall pick of the 2012 draft. And like Mariota, Luck found himself the face of a franchise that was 2-14 the year before. His pristine reputation off the field made him a marketing commodity for the Colts and the league.

Something the Titans are experiencing now with Mariota.

Indianapolis enjoyed immediate success after drafting Luck, making the playoffs in each of his first three seasons…and advancing one step further each time. If he continues this trend, then he will represent the AFC in the Super Bowl this year.

Something the Titans hope to experience with Mariota.

Andrew Luck is a top 5 qb, widely considered as a preseason league MVP candidate. Marcus Mariota is the rookie prodigy, with the hopes of a beleaguered fan base in the palm of his hand. And after two weeks, he is widely considered to be an NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year candidate.

Season Stats: 

QB1: 493 yds, 54% completion rate, 5.7 avg per completion, 3tds, 5ints, 44 rush yds

QB2: 466 yds, 64% completion rate, 8.8 avg per completion, 6tds, 0ints, 25 rush yds

From what I’ve described of the two, the casual fan would look at those stats and surmise that QB1 was Mariota, and QB2 was Luck…but it’s actually the opposite. That in itself will draw comparisons leading up to, and throughout the game…regardless of the winner.

Andrew Luck may not have a key to the Heisman House, but he holds the keys to something more precious to Mariota…the AFC South division crown…and the automatic playoff birth that comes with it.

Something that Luck hasn’t relinquished in two years.

For Marcus Mariota to be compared to Andrew Luck going forward, then he must lead the Titans to the playoffs down the road. And to do that, he will have to go through Luck’s Colts.

He gets his first crack at him on Sunday, in downtown Nashville.

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