Would Zach Mettenberger Be A Fit For the Dallas Cowboys?


After Dallas Cowboys veteran quarterback Tony Romo broke his collar bone on Sunday night in a win against the Philadelphia Eagles, and the news broke on Monday that he would see some extensive downtime, the question came up, who’s going to replace him.

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History has told us that 31 year-old backup quarterback Brandon Weeden has been able to step in during a game and bail out the Cowboys when called on, but his success drops off considerably when he has been asked to be a starter.

Even though head coach Jason Garrett and owner Jerry Jones tried to calm everyone with support for Weeden, You had to know general manager Steve Jones was on the phone looking for some help.

Starting quarterbacks in this league are hard to find, just ask Bill O’Brien. Former Ravens head coach Brian Billick said if you could dial 1-800-Quarterback and find a starter, everyone would be doing it.

As the parade of names started on Tuesday of quarterbacks who were available, I had to wonder if Tennessee Titans backup Zach Mettenberger was on the list.

If not, Why?

The former LSU star didn’t lose his starting job in Music City because he wasn’t starting quarterback material like some of the names that surfaced in Dallas on Monday and Tuesday, he lost his job because the team drafted a franchise quarterback in Marcus Mariota.

Steve Mullenax over at FanSided’s Dallas Cowboy site, The Landry Hat must have read my mind. His article on Monday entitled: Five possible quarterback trades didn’t address the possibly of finding a temporary replacement for the aging Romo, but ideas that were more long term.

Of the five quarterbacks in this article that makes the most sense, Zach Mettenberger had to be the best option for a long-termed solution for a 35 year-old Tony Romo who has had injury problems in the past.

Although he was win-less in six starts in Nashville last year, Zach Mettenberger has the talent and gunslinger arm that could find success in Dallas, especially behind the offensive line they have. They could keep him protected and give him time to show off that strong arm.

I’m not convinced Titans head coach Ken Whisenhunt is ready to deal his backup quarterback just yet, but the Dallas Cowboys have been known for bringing their checkbook when they want a player.

If the phone rings and Steve Jones is on the line, maybe the Tennessee Titans should at least answer the phone.

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