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Tennessee Titans Should Take A Look At Fred Jackson


The Buffalo Bills released veteran running back Fred Jackson on Monday morning, and he is someone the Tennessee Titans should take a hard look at.

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Yeah, I know Jackson is a 34 year-old running back that is on the back-side of a great career, but he is the type of veteran leadership this team could use.

The Titans did their due diligence when they drafted a squeaky-clean quarterback when they took Marcus Mariota in the first round of the 2015 Draft with the second pick, and Fred Jackson is the ultimate professional that would provide a stabilizing factor with the young running backs on this team.

Not only has Jackson been a productive runner in his time, he is a locker room leader and a fan favorite in Buffalo. He is also a huge factor in the community.

Just the type of player this team needs!

Jackson not only totes the rock, but he can catch a pass out of the backfield, and is experienced at protecting the quarterback. What more could you ask for?

Let’s face it, with all the changes going on in Buffalo, head coach Rex Ryan did the 10-year vet a favor by cutting him today and give him time to get on another team before the big cuts come after week four of the preseason.

The Titans have plenty of salary cap space to handle Jackson’s $2.5 Million contract.

Fred Jackson was an un-drafted free agent out of Coe and has 5646 total yards on 1279 carries and has put the ball in the end zone 30 times.

He run the ball 141 times last year for 525 yards and two touchdowns, and in his 9-year totals, has fumbled the ball only 15 times.

He also caught the ball 322 times on only 439 attempts for 2640 yards and seven touchdowns.

No one is sure at this point if Jackson wants try to get on a winning team with a chance to get a ring, or if he would be willing to mentor the type of youngsters we have here in Music City, but head coach Ken Whisenhunt, and general manager Ruston Webster need to be on the phone today trying to find out the answer to that question.

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