Tennessee Titans position review: QB


The third game of the NFL preseason is over and for the Tennessee Titans and 31 other teams, it is time to evaluate their position groups and figure out which players they want to keep and which they want to cut.

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This won’t be a bloated series, this will just be a solid depth chart of who deserves to be ranked where, and what the Tennessee Titans may do at that position going forward.

This will focus on the quarterback position.

Depth Chart

1. Marcus Mariota

2. Zach Mettenberger

3. Charlie Whitehurst

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  • Thoughts

    -It is amazing how in just one year the Tennessee Titans weakest position has become their strongest position. Marcus Mariota looks amazing and I would guess that he will be the rookie of the year based on a strong preseason.

    -Despite not throwing a touchdown pass, Mariota has been insanely accurate (around 70%) and that doesn’t include drops, throwaways, and should-be penalties. I’m honestly not sure I have seen him throw a bad pass all preseason.

    -Zach Mettenberger is having a nice month as well, and there are no shortage of people who agree. His strong arm and daredevil attitude make him very exciting to watch vs second string players. People who want him to start over Marcus Mariota clearly don’t know what they are talking about, but there is no doubt that he would be an upgrade for more than a handful of teams around the NFL.

    -He doesn’t get the credit he deserves, but as a veteran QB who can come in to a game with no  practice, Charlie Whitehurst may be the best 3rd quarterback in the league. He has looked average in past performances and with this surrounding talent he could probably win a game or two in spot duty.

    -I don’t expect the Tennessee Titans to try to move Mettenberger or add another QB any time soon. I could see this being the Tennessee Titans depth chart for the next three years and I think everyone would be thrilled about it (except the 31 other teams in the league).

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