Tennessee Titans Have A Look At Jameis Winston During Pro Day


Tennessee Titans head coach, Ken Whisenhunt, general manager, Ruston Webster and most of the offensive staff went down to Tallahassee on Tuesday to take in a Pro Day for Jameis Winston and other Florida State players. All a part of that due dilligince thing. They have to do their homework on all available players whether they have a chance to draft them or not.

Jameis Winston has to be a little like your neighbors “Trophy Wife”. Beautiful, flawless, but you’re never going to have her!

If Winston is available with the second pick, does he fit in Nashville?

Just out of touch, one pick away, it continues to looks like the 2013 Heisman Trophy winner will be a Tampa Bay Buccaneer one month from now, and the only time the Tennessee Titans will see him is on the field this fall.

Stranger Things Have Happened

I have been watching the NFL Draft since 1970, and like the coaching staff in Music City, know that when it’s time to make the selections on April 30th, almost anything can happen, and probably will. So Coach Whisenhunt and his staff spent the time on Tuesday, not only attending Pro Day at Florida State, but took the top prospect for a private date.

Tennessean reporter Jim Wyatt covered the event, and indicated that even though Winston will probably not be available at the second pick, they(Titans staff) needed to turn over all the stones, and be ready for any scenario.

"“I think for us, when it comes to any player, Jameis included, you have to do your due diligence on them, you have to do your research,” Webster said at the combine. “You have to know what the reality of the situation and don’t just go along with perception. Give the player, I don’t want to say benefit of the doubt, but do your research so you know what the real questions are, the real answers are, and give him a fair shake.“We have done a lot of work on Jameis and we’ll continue to do a lot of work on Jameis just like these other guys at No. 2, or in the draft in general. I just don’t want to go off perception. I want to know what reality is with him, and we’ll give him a fair shake.”"

 The Experts

The draft experts from NFL.com had mixed reviews on Winston after his workout, While former quarterback, Kurt Warner continued his “man-crush” affair with Winston, Mike Mayock remained critical of his 18 interceptions during the 2014 season, and his charachter issues off the field.

NFL Media Analyst, Daniel Jeremiah showed some frustration over the scripted 102 pass workout, and had this to say:

"“The frustrating thing watching it is, as a quarterback, you want to see him get into a rhythm,”“To me it looks like there’s so much movement stuff they’re trying to sell and show that Jameis hasn’t been able to get comfortable and get in that rhythm.”"

Jameis Winston continues to tell anyone who will listen, that he is the best quarterback in this draft, and his mission is to be the number one pick in this draft. But even though he appears to be the most pro-ready quarterback available, he does not come without some chinks in the armour.

Analyst Brian Balldinger questioned the format of the workout on Tuesday:

"“I am surprised that George Whitfield OK’d this here today,” he said. “I think it’s unnecessary, what he’s doing. This looks like the workout any quarterback would do at their first minicamp,” Baldinger said. “I don’t think this is putting him in the best light.”"

What if Jameis Winston Falls on Draft Day?

While I don’t see a Brady Quinn moment on April 30th with Jameis Winston, as a Tennessee Titans fan, you still have to be prepared for the possibility of Tampa surprising the world by selecting either Marcus Mariota, or maybe Leonard Williams.

If Winston is available with the second pick, does he fit in Nashville? I’m not ready for that option, but I am comfortable in the knowledge that the coaching staff, and management have done their homework, and will make the right decision if it comes with the second pick.

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