Tennessee Titans: Fan Edition, Part 5: The Draft


Hello ladies and gentleman. We have finally reached it: Part 5. The Final Countdown, so to speak (cue Will Arnett). As always, you can catch what you missed out on earlier. Part 1 is here, Part 2 didn’t want to be here, Part 3 is feeling under the weather, but still here, y Part 4 es aqui, para son que hablan espanol (my apologies for any butchering of the Spanish language).

In regards to our approach to the Draft, what area do you think we need to focus on the most?

"“Both lines need to be upgraded. Football games are won and lost in the trenches.”“The Titans were gashed a few time by running back last year, so they need to add a run-stopper.”“The secondary also needs to be addressed by adding a top-flight safety.” – Chris Garete"

As to his first point, Chris comes across like my old high school offensive line coach, minus the ever-prevalent smoke cloud and constant berating. (I would like to call attention the fact that “beratement” is apparently not a word. I call shenanigans on the English language.) That doesn’t make him wrong, however. The fact is, both sides of the line truly do need an upgrade. Not a huge over-hauling, but the addition of one solid player on both sides would do wonders for the team. Among these would be a run-stopper, though I’m hoping Big Shaun Smith can develop into that role. He was coming off of playing the nose tackle in a 3-4 defense the previous season, and I think he has the potential to develop into a viable run-stopping threat. As for that safety, there’s a good chance one Mr. Mark Barron gets called to wear two-tone blue in April.

"“The Titans have to take a close look at defensive ends & [defensive] tackles.”…it looks like we will be leaning towards the defensive side of the ball with the first pick. Personally, I’m hoping for a guy like Dontari Poe.”“Whatever we do, we need help on the defensive side of the ball, and fast.” – Michael Campbell"

Earlier in the year, all signs pointed to defense. I still think that’s what we end up doing, however, there has been a lot of talk that DeCastro may slip and be available at #20. With Munchak and Matthews both being hall-of-fame lineman drafted in the first, I could definitely see it happening. However, I do think that’s the only offensive player we would potentially be interested in (despite my personal lobbies for Michael Floyd).  Poe seems to be an incredible athlete who will benefit whichever team picks him up, but I would rather see us go after Barron or a top-notch end. Unless we were to grab a certain Williams…

"“The team has to find someone to get after the quarterback…If a DE is available when the Titans pick, they need to pull the trigger.”“I love Kenny Britt, [but] I’m worried these injuries are going to hold him back. Maybe the Titans can take a chance on a WR in the middle rounds.”“The Titans need to find some young depth on the offensive line” – Patrick Ward"

I’m all for strengthening the receiving corp, as I agree that injuries are a big concern amongst them. Chalk up another vote for a round one DE. Of course, all this is predicated on a worthy talent being available. I don’t think any of us want to reach for a player (though it did seem to work out well last year, and in retrospect doesn’t seem like a reach at all), and want to find a player that is worth the selection. However, if a potential big-play defensive end is available, we certainly should head that direction in the draft. Unless we were to grab a certain Williams…

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