Tennessee Titans: Fan Edition, Part 3: Free Agents We Should Pursue


We continue with Part 3 of our ground-breaking expose into the minds of our readers, though I may be overselling it. Either way, enjoy Titans fans!

If you didn’t already, peep Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

Everyone knows the big names like Mario Williams and Carl Nicks that are set to test the market. Are there any lesser known players that you feel could provide depth, or perhaps even start?

"“Laurent Robinson from Dallas would be a nice pickup who could be relatively cheap.”“Steve Smith (the ex-Giant) had on off-year since he was coming off [of] surgery, and could be a sleeper comeback-player-of-the-year candidate.”“Andre Carter…had a great year for the Patriots. [He] was injured towards the end of the year, but looked like a formidable DE” – Chris Garete"

I agree with Chris that Laurent Robinson would be a nice addition to the team. I think he would provide competition for D-Will, and would be a nice insurance option in case anyone (Britt, Washington) gets injured again. Same goes for Steve Smith, who I’m all for giving a low base with plenty of incentives as he showed true potential at USC and with the Giants. Not that our WR corps is injury prone or anything… As for Carter, I think he showed that he’s looking to go out with a fight, and I’m all for bringing that fight to Nashville on a 2 year, 6-8 million dollar deal.

"” Sign Robert Mathis. The guy has proven time and time again he’s a force to be reckoned with.”“Let’s face it: The Titans love signing old veterans and letting their young stars walk.” – Michael Campbell"

As to Michael’s first point, I think you, me, and everyone we know would have been on board for that. Unfortunately, Mathis just got locked up in a pretty sweet 4-year, $36 million contract. Looks like the Colts did the right thing there. As to his second point, we all know this to be true. Given that, let me introduce you to the idea of replacing Cortland Finnegan with newly available 31-year-old cornerback Marcus Trufant. Out with the new and in with the old.

"“I like Brandon Carr a lot. It looks like he’s being targeted by the Cowboys, so that will most likely leave the Titans out in the cold.”“Scott Wells is looking like he will walk away from Green Bay. The Titans need to seriously pursue him if this is the case” – Patrick Ward"

Patrick is right. The Cowboys, or some other mystery team, will put such a price on Carr that he will become out of our price range. If we weren’t going to give 9-10 million a year to Finny, we certainly will not do that for Carr, and I would expect him to sign for somewhere around that range on a 5-year deal. Wells would be a great addition if his contract demands are  reasonable. If signed, this could set up a potential dream scenario wherein we get Wells and start him in at Center, kick Amano to Right Guard, and plug DeCastro in at Left Guard when he slips to us in the draft. That would make me overjoyed.

Part 4 approacheth…

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