Tennessee Titans: Fan Edition, Part 4: If I was GM for a day


As they say, on with the show! Catch Part 1 here, Part 2 here, and Part 3……………….All the way over here.

If you were GM of the franchise for 24 hours, what would you do?

"“Sign Mario Williams…It might seem like dumb fan logic, but this team desperately needs a big time player to get after the QB.”“Target Mark Barron or Vinny Curry in the draft.”” Sign Finnegan and let Griffin walk.” – Patrick Ward"

We’ll see what the next few days holds. I think the entire fan base is willing to shell out a little extra for Williams, because the general feeling is that we’re really close to doing something special. As far as the draft is concerned, it would be interesting to see what the franchise would do if somehow both Barron and DeCastro were available to us at 20.  Personally, I think I would lean slightly towards DeCastro, though I’m perfectly happy either way. If Barron continues to slide, I would be all for the franchise trading to move up in the late first or early second to nab both players.  Unfortunately, Finegan walks and Griffin remains. Can’t win em all.

"“Move Jake Locker to the starting position – forget the Aaron Rodgers analogy. You only learn so much from the bench.”“Spend some money. That’d be a first for the franchise. With 30 million in cap space, I keep wondering what Bud’s saving for; Retirement?” – Michael Campbell"

While I have no problems with moving Jake to the starting position, I also have no problem with the way Munchak is handling the situation currently. He has repeatedly said that the starting spot will remain an open competition until one of the two defines themselves clearly as the starter. After last year, I trust the coaching staff to make the right decision. As for Mr. Adams and his penny pinching ways, yes, it would be nice. Still not going to happen, but it would be nice.

"“LaRon Landry is the hard hitting safety that people are clamoring for. I think he and Babineaux would be a great combination to complement Verner and McCourty.”“I would also take a hard look at the Texans center [Myers]. He had a great season, and that would allow for Amano to be moved back to guard.” – Chris Garete"

I am actually a huge fan of going after Landry. I would like to be able to land him with a heavily incentive-based contract, as he has been injury prone for much of his career. Unfortunately, because of the lack of availability at the position, and the freakish tangibles that Landry carries, I think someone will break the bank and give him a ton of guaranteed money. As for Myers, I think landing either he or Wells would be a huge boost to the line. Unfortunately, like the safety market, those seem to be about the only very good-to-great Centers available.

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