W6-Titan Sized Report: Back-up Plan


Vince Young laid writhing on the field clutching his knee, a scene eerily similar to 2 years ago.  The opponent was the same, the Jacksonville Jaguars, but that is where the similarities will end in this continuing story of redemption.  Here’s a quick review of the Tennessee Titan’s Week 6 performance on offense, including unit grades and selections of a “Titan” player of the week.

Offensive Line – A+ (Most Improved)

Allowing no sacks, drawing no penalties, and paving the way for a balanced offensive attack (153 yards rushing, 171 yards passing) that essentially only stalled twice in 8 possessions, is top notch work.  Leroy Harris and Eugene Amano were both back at their positions and blocked solid games.  This line may finally be in sync, just in time for a tough stretch of games in the upcoming weeks.

Wide Receivers and Tight Ends – A

Kenny Britt and VY are clearly on the same wave length, connecting twice on the first drive for 33 yards and a touchdown.  Damian Williams is rapidly progressing and may become the most dangerous slot threat the Titans have had in the passing game in decades.  And Bo Scaife is reaping the rewards (4 receptions, 53 yards, TD) of this blossoming passing game, constantly making the Jaguars pay for underestimating him in coverage.

Running Backs – A

Chris Johnson had another solid week (26 rushes, 111 yards, TD; 2 receptions, 20 yards), as did Javon Ringer (10 rushes, 42 yards; 1 reception, 8 yards) in relief duty.  The best play of the game for CJ2K was not his 35 yard, fantasy-world shattering, touchdown run at the end of the game.  But rather a key block in the red zone on 3rd and 2 during the second quarter (with the Titans only leading by 7), which gave Kerry Collins enough time to deliver a first-down strike to Scaife, ultimately resulting in a touchdown.

Quarterback – A

VY is clearly a different quarterback than the one that limped off LP Field in 2008.  Not only was he anxious to get back in this game (Jeff Fisher made a good decision not allowing his return), but he was a fixture on the sideline cheering on his teammates as they demolished a division opponent.  Collins (11 for 16, 110 yards, TD) started shaky, but managed a solid game and did not make mistakes.  Still, the Titans are a better team with #10 under center.  Rest up and hurry back, Vince.

Titan Player of the Week: Vince Young (3 for 5, 61 yards, TD) – This cannot be overstated.  VY is a good quarterback. Not every quarterback needs to be a statistical juggernaut (i.e. Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees) to win.  Some quarterbacks just win (i.e. Ben Roethlisberger, Mark Sanchez, and Michael Vick).  Only Vick has a better quarterback rating this year.  And only Roethlisberger has a better winning percentage in his career.

Terrible Player of the Week: Vacant

Overall Offense Grade – A+

There was a day in the not so distant past when the thought of Kerry Collins coming in relief of Vince Young gave some Titan faithful more confidence than pause, but those days and supporters appear to be dwindling.  Not because of Collins’ deteriorating skills, instead for the refining leadership and evolving play of Vince Young.  If he wins on Sunday (vs. Philadelphia Eagles), VY will permanently and unquestioningly place himself as the franchise quarterback going forward.  This time, there is no back-up plan.