W5-Titan Sized Report: High Flying


Don’t look now, but Vince Young and the Tennessee Titans are clicking in the passing game.  The statistics will not jump off the box score page, but with Chris Johnson the Titans only needed the occasional flyby against the Dallas Cowboys.  Here’s a quick review of the Titan’s week 5 performance on offense, including unit grades and selections of a “Titan” and “Terrible” player of the week.

Offensive Line – B

The only reason this grade is not harsher is the absence of Leroy Harris (ankle) and the late injury to Eugene Amano (neck stinger).  Fernando Velasco and Ryan Durand did the best they could, which was excellent considering they are back-ups.  But 3 sacks is too much and CJ2K still finds himself dodging defensive players or driven-back offensive linemen in the backfield.

Wide Receivers and Tight Ends – A+ (Most Improved)

In the past, this unit has sometimes held VY back.  Not anymore.  On Sunday, they all came to play for their quarterback in his home state.  Nate Washington started the air display on the first drive, drawing two pass interference calls and making one of the better TD catches of his career.  Kenny Britt and Damian Williams each had big days, leading Titan receivers in yards and receptions.

Running Backs – A-

Watch this.

Watch all the Adrian Peterson highlights you want.
AP is the Earl Campbell to CJ’s Eric Dickerson.  CJ2K is simply higher class of runner.

Quarterback – B+

This Sunday made 3 weeks in row without a turnover for VY, a formula that could lead the Titans back to the playoffs.  Washington and Britt’s TD catches were not precision throws, but their routes so thoroughly baffled the Cowboys that maybe VY felt confident his receivers would make a play if he simply got the ball in the area.  VY also served the Cowboys and others a reminder that he can still run with a brilliant 17-yard streak up the sideline.

Titan Player of the Week: Kenny Britt (4 receptions, 86 yards, TD) – Not only is he stretching the field, but he is playing physical football in open spaces (making big catches in traffic and setting key blocks downfield).  I loved watching him get up and run after the 52-yard catch, even if it didn’t count.

Terrible Player of the Week: Chris Johnson – Quit fumbling the football!  He will stay in the doghouse until he completes a game without fumbling.  Unacceptable for a superstar like him.

Overall Offense Grade – A-

Going into last week a lack of offense was the only reason I felt the Cowboys would win.  Being wrong has never felt SO good.  If the Titan offense puts up 34 points a week, they will not lose another game this year.  With that being said, they still need more consistency from their line to open lanes for CJ2K and protect VY.  Without these two Pro Bowlers… well, let’s not go there.