Will Levis named the quarterback most likely to have a breakout season

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

Breakout seasons don't just happen, they are the result of good team-building and smart planning which is why Tennessee Titans fans should be thrilled about what is going on around Will Levis.

Slowly but surely, more people are starting to sit down and really look at just how much the Titans have done this offseason and what could be coming in 2024.

Marcus Mosher is a fantastic follow on social media, and he recently wrote about three players who are the best candidates to be the breakout QB of 2024.

If you read the title or the preceding paragraphs, then you can probably guess the first name that he mentioned. If not, then it is Tennessee Titans second-year quarterback Will Levis.

He wrote a detailed analysis that you should check out, but he summed up his analysis like this:

"Levis has a much better supporting cast and a new head coach and play-caller who should give him every opportunity to succeed. If he can become more consistent and refine his footwork, there is no telling what the ceiling might be for Levis in Tennessee."

Leading up to the 2023 season, I was critical of what the Tennessee Titans did for several reasons. The biggest issues I had were that the coaching staff didn't develop anyone, people weren't being used correctly, and they went into the season with obvious issues that they barely addressed in free agency or the draft.

Mike Vrabel's plan to bounce back from a bad 2022 was to promote Tim Kelly to OC, which was a move I liked. Then he seemed to assign each position coach to a different job with almost no intelligent plan, which was very confusing. The final cherry on top was promoting assistant OL coach and best interview ever, Jason Houghtailing to the OL job in a year when it was critically important for the OL to improve.

Shockingly, those moves didn't work out.

This offseason, GM Ran Carthon has taken over the steering wheel, and the Titans have taken the opposite approach. Oh, the offensive line is important? Ditch that 280 lb. center and the revolving door at left tackle, and replace them with one of the best young centers in the NFL and a 1st round pick. While we are at it, let's hire the best offensive line coach in the NFL instead of someone who used to coach at Colgate.

Does our quarterback need to refine his footwork and consistency? Why don't we hire a head coach who has coached Peyton Manning, Matt Stafford, Derek Carr, and Joe Burrow?

Having more than one receiver is important because the passing game matters in 2024? No problem, let's keep DeAndre Hopkins and then add Calvin Ridley and Tyler Boyd to the mix. Then behind them, we have potential heir-aparents to each position who we can develop and evaluate without putting added pressure on them.

Carthon hasn't just answered questions effeciently this offseason, he has been aggressive to the point of overkill with a lot of these issues.

There are no half-measures here and Mosher summed up why Will Levis could be a huge surprise this season for the people sleeping on him around the NFL. On paper, this is a team that is committed to helping their quarterback reach his potential, and now we are all just sitting back and waiting to see what that potential is and what he will become.