Bill Callahan has no doubt that J.C. Latham can be a left tackle for the Titans

2024 NFL Draft - Round 1
2024 NFL Draft - Round 1 / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

Before the 2024 NFL Draft, I said that no matter which offensive lineman the Tennessee Titans drafted in the first round, they should have had Bill Callahan on hand to talk about the decision.

People scoffed and acted like they didn't need it at the time, but those are the same people who desperately clung to the Dianna Russini tweet in defense after the Titans drafted J.C. Latham instead of moving down or taking Rome Odunze.

There is no question that taking Latham was a reach and it was a pick where the Titans went need over value. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, and if you have to reach by a handful of picks to get a guy you love as a fit, then do it.

But the idea of drafting a career right tackle and expecting him to step in immediately and play left tackle, created trepidation for Tennessee Titans fans whether or not they liked the pick.

You can feel a collective sigh of relief after Bill Callahan spoke to the media today and instantly reassured fans who were concerned. He was asked about Latham by John Glennon with a follow-up by Paul Kuarsky.

And there you go. Just like that, he explained what traits he saw in Latham, why he can play the position, and former examples of doing this in the past like Tyron Smith, Jedrick Wills, and Barry Sims.

There is a difference between reading "Bill Callahan loves him!!" and hearing why he loves him and examples of similar situations in the past from the man himself. No matter how many beat writers or reporters parrot what they have heard from sources close to the situation, it is different than hearing it directly from Callahan.

Callahan had answers for every question, whether that was about Latham, Cushenberry, Nicholas Petit-Frere, Jaelyn Duncan, etc. and it is clear that there was a lot of attention and detail put into building this offensive line this offseason.

We still don't know if the move will work, but fans now have the complete picture of what set Latham apart and why the Titans had him ranked higher than everyone else.