One thing that the Tennessee Titans must do on draft day

NFL Combine
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We are 30 days away from the 2024 NFL Draft and the Tennessee Titans currently own the seventh overall pick.

None of that is news to anyone reading this, and everyone is familiar with the names that the Titans could select there. Joe Alt, Marvin Harrison Jr., Olu Fashanu, Malik Nabers, and Rome Odunze are all very strong possibilities for this team, but there are going to be some tough choices to make considering that at least two of those players should be available when the Titans select.

On top of that, there is the looming possibility of Ran Carthon and Brian Callahan deciding that the best option is to trade down in the first round to accumulate more picks (it isn't) to attempt to fill more needs instead of taking a blue chip player.

Regardless of what the Tennessee Titans do with their first-round pick, offensive line coach Bill Callahan needs to be on record to explain why they made the decision that they made.

Why should Tennessee Titans fans care what the OL coach says?

It might seem out of character for an offensive line coach to speak after the first round of the draft, but the Titans are in a very unusual scenario.

Based on all the credible reports, there is going to be a run on quarterbacks and Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, Jayden Daniels, and J.J. McCarthy are all projected to go in the top 6. That means that no matter what else happens, there is going to be an elite receiver that falls into the Titans lap.

While the Titans made a massive improvement to that position in free agency, Brian Callahan has gone on the record several times and said that if the prospects are graded equally he leans toward the guys who catch touchdowns. If that is true and the Titans draft a receiver over Joe Alt, it would help calm down fans if Bill Callahan came out and explained what the plan was at tackle.

If the Titans take Joe Alt, Bill Callahan needs to come out and share why the Titans were so high on Alt and why he is so valuable that they couldn't afford to trade down and add more picks.

Then there is the small chance of the Titans drafting another offensive tackle instead of Alt, and in that case, they absolutely need Bill Callahan there so that he can explain why he went against the clear-cut top tackle in this draft class.

Tackle, safety, and tight end are the only positions that haven't been touched in free agency so far, and one of those is a much bigger need than the others. Bill Callahan has the clout to stand up in front of a podium and explain what the plan is at tackle and no one has the right to say that he is wrong, because he is smarter than anyone else in the room when it comes to offensive linemen.

This has been a great offseason for the Titans and they are so close to winning the fans back after looking lost for the 18 months before the coaching change. If the Tennessee Titans can continue that momentum with the draft and continue to get fans believing in this team, it would set the stage for a very fun season in 2024.