Will Levis Changes Everything for the Tennessee Titans

Atlanta Falcons v Tennessee Titans
Atlanta Falcons v Tennessee Titans / Justin Ford/GettyImages

All it takes is one game, one player, or even just one play to turn around the entire momentum of a franchise. Will Levis is that player for the Tennessee Titans, and anyone who was watching Sunday’s win over the Atlanta Falcons knows it.

For so long as Tennessee Titans fans, it has felt like we were biding our time. With Tannehill running the offense, our days of certainty were limited, and it constantly seemed that time was running out. 

Last week the question was whether the Tennessee Titans would start Will Levis or Malik Willis. Levis emphatically answered why he was the right choice.

This week the question is whether the Tennessee Titans will start Will Levis or Ryan Tannehill once both are available.

The dawn of a new era for the Tennessee Titans

Although the Tennessee Titans may not have their sights set on playoff success this season, Levis’ first career outing breathed life into a roster that had previously been bleak. And although it was just one game, it was very clear that Levis had a special aura around him. Even his incompletions were impressive, and he had basically zero bad reps on the day.

Given this unpredictable development, the Tennessee Titans' outlook leading up to the trade deadline should change pretty drastically. Ryan Tannehill should obviously be available for trade, with many suitors like the Minnesota Vikings and New York Jets looking for a veteran quarterback.

On the flip side, now trading a player like Henry or Hopkins would be devastating. 

Suddenly, anything seems possible for the Tennessee Titans. With a Thursday night matchup looming against a vulnerable Pittsburgh Steelers squad, Levis has another chance to prove his worth, this time in the national spotlight.

Astonishingly, the division is still a goal that the Tennessee Titans could achieve since they are only 2.5 games behind the Jacksonville Jaguars with five divisional matchups on the horizon.

That fact is almost secondary right now because the most important thing for this franchise is that if Will Levis really is what we all saw on Sunday afternoon, the Tennessee Titans may have found the star to build their franchise around for the next decade.

Will Levis has arrived, and he’s not going anywhere.