New Derrick Henry and DeAndre Hopkins trade rumors

Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts
Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts / Michael Hickey/GettyImages

The Tennessee Titans should be sellers at the trade deadline, and a loss to the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday would push them into full fire sale mode. If that happens, expect trades to come quickly because the Titans don't have much time to sit on their hands with a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday.

Before the Kevin Byard trade, things were relatively quiet for the Tennessee Titans. If I had to guess, I would say that is becuase no one thought that Mike Vrabel would ever admit that his team needs to actually commit to a rebuild.

However, that all changed after they traded away their captain. Now that the rest of the NFL knows that the Tennessee Titans are open for business, rumors are swirling about which teams could be lining up deals for a Monday morning trade.

The two players with the most buzz right now are Derrick Henry and DeAndre Hopkins. Suspiciously, both players missed practice on Wednesday and Thursday with "rest" designations.

While that has happened before, it isn't common for both players to miss practice for multiple days, especially after a bye week when they have a new quarterback that they need to build chemistry with.

Just putting two and two together, it seems like Sunday could be the last time that either player suits up for the Tennessee Titans.

Latest trade buzz on Derrick Henry and DeAndre Hopkins

Fans got a jolt of adrenaline this afternoon when a social media account for a collectible company claimed that DeAndre Hopkins had delayed a "signing event", pushing it until after the trade deadline.

DeAndre Hopkins was quick to point out that this was fake:

The company claims that they set the event up through a third party and that they had gotten tricked, regardless it seems like this was a false alarm. In all honesty, DeAndre Hopkins is the one Tennessee Titans player on the trade block that I wouldn't trade.

As hard as it might be to stomach when you are talking about what helps a young quarterback the most, DeAndre Hopkins would be much more helpful than Derrick Henry.

Speaking of Derrick Henry, by now everyone has seen the rumors of the Baltimore Ravens being the NFL team that is most interested in Derrick Henry. It certainly seems like they are the best fit for Henry and if you can get a Day 2 pick for Henry at this almost have to pinch your nose and make the deal.

However, if Henry to the Ravens is too hard to stomach, there is an alternative emerging. Tony Pauline says that the Dallas Cowboys are a team that is in the mix for Henry according to his sources.

If that is true, then that means that the Cowboys are considering offering a third-round pick for Henry because they have already traded away their fourth-, fifth-, and sixth-round picks. Jerry Jones isn't going to be around forever and you can see how aggressive he has been in the past to get guys that he thinks can help him win now.

Dallas is a much more palatable option for Tennessee Titans fans and it sounds like they might be a team that is ready to pay a premium for Henry.

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