Why the Kevin Byard trade signals a change for the Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans v New Orleans Saints
Tennessee Titans v New Orleans Saints / Jonathan Bachman/GettyImages

Hours after I posted an article listing the Tennessee Titans with the most trade buzz around them, Mike Vrabel and Ran Carthon traded All-Pro safety, Kevin Byard to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Byard was the top guy on that list and I even mentioned that the Philadelphia Eagles were a team that made a lot of sense.

In return, the Tennessee Titans got a 2024 fifth-round pick and a 2024 sixth-round pick, and while that might seem underwhelming, the move also frees up $14 million in cap space for 2024.

Kevin Byard was a fantastic safety during his time with the Tennessee Titans and he was an even better person. He selflessly spent nearly an entire summer signing jerseys for fans who sent them into the facility for no charge and with no limit on how many he would do per day. He has been front and center whenever the Tennessee Titans have had a major charity function or whenever they needed a player to talk about certain issues.

Sure, he had a big contract, but he was also willing to rework his contract each year during the Jon Robinson era because he had faith in the organization. Things obviously changed a little bit when Mike Vrabel and Ran Carthon started "collaborating" because after they asked him to take a pay cut, he sat out OTAs.

Eventually, Byard was once again a team player and he changed his contract to help the team.

Tennessee Titans fans are hurting after the move, but there is some hope here. This move signals a shift in the mentality of the franchise, and right now winning games is no longer the most important thing for Mike Vrabel and Ran Carthon.

What the Tennessee Titans are telling you without telling you

Despite anything they say or however they dress this move up, they are not a better team with Kevin Byard in Philadelphia. Let's be clear, that is a good thing and it is something that every Titans fan should be on board with.

Frankly, Mike Vrabel has had a terrible last 12 months on the job. We all know that the Titans are 2-11 in their last 13 games and that Mike Vrabel had the second-longest losing streak in Titans history, but it isn't just the losses. While the common defense has been that this team just isn't talented enough, they also aren't well-coached.

If Amy Adams Strunk is really all-in with Mike Vrabel, then this is his big chance to prove her right. The Tennessee Titans should send off guys like Derrick Henry, Teair Tart, and Denico Autry in an attempt to get as much draft capital and cap space as they can.

Then we will get to see what a Mike Vrabel-designed team looks like, and everyone can decide whether it was right or wrong to give him control of the personnel moves after that.

From here on out, Tennessee Titans fans shouldn't cheer for wins they should cheer for losses and moves that give them more chances to win in 2024 and beyond because that is what the Owner, Head Coach, and GM all want.