What are the Tennessee Titans remaining needs after Day 1 of free agency?

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The Tennessee Titans were active on the first day of free agency, and they ended up signing four players. That is a nice start, but a "start" is all that it is so far.

Heading into free agency, I said that the Tennessee Titans had 10 holes on their roster that they needed to fill. If someone says that there are more holes, then they are probably including backups and depth players.

If someone says that there are fewer holes then they are probably including positions where there are starters on the roster, but they may not like those starters.

My list of needs heading into free agency looked like this (in no order):

-WR (playmaker/vertical threat)
-DT (1-tech)

Positions that could have been left off:

Right tackle could be ignored for me if Bill Callahan believes that he can get something out of Dillon Radunz, Nicholas Petit-Frere, or Jaelyn Duncan. Safety could be ignored for me if someone on the staff feels strongly about Elijah Molden as a fit there. One of the WRs could also be ignored for me if the Tennessee Titans had earmarked one of the blue-chip WRs as their future first-round pick, but that would put more emphasis on finding a left tackle somewhere else.

Positions that could have been added:

Another linebacker would be ideal, but linebackers bounce around the NFL so much that you can really find starters anywhere even though they aren't going to be playmakers. If the Titans can't find another one that they like, I don't hate the idea of Jack Gibbens and Otis Reese fighting for the other job in camp. A backup running back, quarterback, and a third tight end would also make sense at some point, but those don't seem like urgent priorities because the Tennessee Titans are still rebuilding and aren't contenders yet.

Kicker is also a need, but it is in its own category.

Looking at the Tennessee Titans to-do list

After one day of free agency, the Tennessee Titans have managed to fill three of their top-10 needs.

Needs filled:
-C: Lloyd Cushenberry, 4 year/$50 million ($12.5 million AAV)
-LB: Kenneth Murray, 2 year/$18 million ($9 million AAV)
-CB1: Chidobe Awuzie, 3 year/$36 million ($12 million AAV)

Needs remaining:
(playmaker/vertical threat)

That might look slightly discouraging when you think about how many deals were made yesterday and how many needs still remain but don't forget that there are two waves of free agency before the draft.

Positions like safety and defensive tackle are still deep in free agency, so there will be plenty of chances to address that. Looking ahead, wide receiver and offensive tackle are very deep in the 2024 NFL Draft and the Tennessee Titans are almost certainly going to use both top-40 picks on those positions.

Again, this is a nice, steady start for the Tennessee Titans and they need to keep chipping away at these holes for the next six weeks.