Weird bye week quirk shows how Titans could sneak into NFL playoffs

Well this rules.
Indianapolis Colts v Tennessee Titans
Indianapolis Colts v Tennessee Titans / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

The NFL schedule release has come and gone, which means it's time to overreact. And I don't mean, like, get a little mad because your team doesn't have as many primetime games as you'd like – I mean full blown, over-the-top, excessive panic. Everything is bad, and the Titans got absolutely jobbed by the NFL because the NFL wants all four NFC East teams in the Super Bowl.

Except this time, the NFL threw the Titans a bone. But if you want to remain mad about no Thursday night games on the schedule this year, I won't stop you. An eagle-eyed Titans tweeter pointed something out the other day, and Titans fans will eat it up:

Woah! This is a big deal right? Oh it's not? Whatever. It reads like a big deal. Mid-May is for truly delirious optimism, and the idea that the Titans don't have to ever play on Thursday night AND they never will play a team that's well-rested sounds a lot like a playoff campaign to me.

When the Titans have fresh legs all December while the rest of the AFC South is busy playing late night games and flying back and forth all over the country, we'll remember this tweet. When they sneak into the playoffs in one of the last weeks, and everyone starts trying to pretend they know why, we'll remember this tweet. This is how the Titans sneak into the playoffs. This is how the Titans win.