Titans schedule 2024: When is Tennessee's bye week?

Jacksonville Jaguars v Tennessee Titans
Jacksonville Jaguars v Tennessee Titans / Justin Ford/GettyImages

The Tennessee Titans 2024 schedule is out and now Titans fans will know what day and time their favorite team will play all of their regular-season games this year. One of the first things fans look for when the schedule is announced is when the team's bye week is.

A bye week is important because it gives teams a chance to heal up and recharge for the rest of the season. Unfortunately for the Titans, they'll have their bye week early, which means they'll be playing a lot of games without breaks down the stretch.

When is the Titans' bye week?

As I mentioned above, the Titans will have an early bye week with it coming just five weeks into the season. They'll play four games (Bears, Jets, Packers, and Dolphins) before getting a week off and then playing 13 straight weeks. If they do end up making the playoffs, then that's more games in a row on top of those 13.

To sum up, an early bye week isn't great for teams. Sure, it's nice to have a week off in early October when it's nice outside but this means the Titans will be playing non-stop from mid-October on. That's not ideal.

The NFL schedule-makers didn't do Tennessee any favors with this early bye week but hopefully the team can stay healthy and make a run at the playoffs this season.