Tennessee Titans trade for New England Patriots kicker, Nick Folk

Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots
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The Tennessee Titans have their fourth kicker in the last week (and hopefully their last) after trading for New England Patriots kicker Nick Folk.

As the Tennessee Titans trimmed their roster down and made their final cuts, they also snuck a trade in before the deadline. That trade was to send a 2025 seventh-round pick to the New England Patriots in exchange for soon-to-be 39-year-old kicker Nick Folk.

After cutting Trey Wolf and Caleb Shudak, the Titans signed Michael Badgley only to cut him on Monday after he failed to impress. Without a kicker on the roster, Tennessee was always going to have to make an addition at some point, and the team returned to what they knew best at the position.

Over the course of Mike Vrabel's career, the Titans have been much more likely to add an older kicker with years of experience instead of finding a young guy to develop.

Even though that plan means that Mike Vrabel is going to have to go shopping for a kicker again sooner rather than later, it also means that Tennessee Titans fans can expect some stability at the position.

What to expect from the newest member of the Tennessee Titans

Looking at Nick Folk over the last three years, he has been a very solid option at the position. Take a look at his make percentage from 40-49, 50+, and then his total.

2020: 91.7% 40-49, 66.7% 50+, 92.9% total field goal percentage

2021: 100% 40-49, 62.5% 50+, 92.3% total field goal percentage

2022: 71.4% 40-49, 80% 50+, 86.5% total field goal percentage

Those are good numbers for a kicker, and the gap between what the Tennessee Titans had and what they could get from Folk could be the difference in making or missing the playoffs in a tight AFC South.

Now, there are some limitations with Nick Folk. Aside from his age being a potential limiting factor, he has missed some extra points over the last few seasons and he hasn't been great kicking off. Both of those things could hurt the Tennessee Titans, but it is important to see the forest for the trees here.

Sure, he isn't an All-Pro and he won't be in Nashville for the next decade, but he is going to help the Tennessee Titans win games this year.