Final Tennessee Titans 53-man roster projection

Tennessee Titans v Minnesota Vikings
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The Tennessee Titans don't have a very deep roster, but it isn't as bare as some people think.

Not only do the Titans have Pro-Bowlers and All-Pros at key positions, but they have young players who are showing a lot of promise in their development waiting in the wings.

I'm going to go position by position and break down what I think the Tennessee Titans will do, how that room looks, and which player was the hardest cut at that position.

Like everything else in the NFL, you have to start with the quarterbacks.

Quarterbacks (3): Ryan Tannehill, Will Levis, Malik Willis

This one is pretty cut and dry. While there were some questions before the season about whether Malik Willis would even make the Tennessee Titans roster, Willis had taken all the steps to show that he is someone that could still develop into something if he was given time.

Tannehill is the unquestioned starter and Willis seems like he would be the gameday backup for Tannehill because of his experience in the system, but the future of that position on this roster is still Will Levis.