Tennessee Titans perfect trade offer for the Kansas City Chiefs for L'Jarius Sneed

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The Tennessee Titans needs at left tackle and wide receiver have been well documented, but they also need to figure out what the plan is at cornerback. There are some good options available in free agency, but there aren't any great options and the Titans need to try to add greatness wherever they can.

Ran Carthon knows this, which is why it has been reported that the Tennessee Titans were one of the teams doing their due diligence on the top cornerback on the market, L'Jarius Sneed.

Despite the Kansas City Chiefs placing the franchise tag on Sneed, there is a good chance he will be on another team next season. The rumors floating around are that a second-round pick would get a deal done.

All second-round picks aren't created equal though, and the point of this trade is going to be for the Kansas City Chiefs to try to land another premium pick to their draft class. The higher the draft pick, the higher the chances that they can get someone who can start on a Super Bowl-winning roster.

Knowing that the team that trades for Sneed is going to have to give him a new contract, I think it is going to be hard for many teams to give up a second-round pick for him and make it work with the cap.

Despite that, I think there is a deal that the Tennessee Titans can make that the Kansas City Chiefs would be very interested in. The offer that I would make is the Tennessee Titans second-round pick in exchange for Sneed and the Chiefs third-round pick.

Losing a high second-round pick hurts, but you are getting a 27-year-old, Pro Bowl-caliber cornerback and in the third round you are still going to have a chance to draft a solid receiver.

This deal wouldn't happen until April though, because it is dependent on what the Tennessee Titans can do in free agency. Specifically, are the Tennessee Titans able to sign Calvin Ridley to a deal to fix their big issue at wide receiver?

If they can do that, then the Titans could make this trade and draft Joe Alt in the first round, and then they would have fixed the Tennessee Titans' three biggest needs.