Tennessee Titans owner Amy Adams Strunk's track record speaks for itself

Amy Adams Strunk Tennessee Titans
Amy Adams Strunk Tennessee Titans / George Walker IV / Tennessean.com / USA

The Tennessee Titans decided to fire Mike Vrabel on Tuesday, which sent shockwaves throughout the team's fanbase, and the entire NFL.

The rumors of him experiencing tension with the organization reached a point of true concern over the last week, and ultimately, owner Amy Adams Strunk decided to outright dismiss the six-year head coach.

What was rumored to be a rift between Vrabel and general manager Ran Carthon turned out to be between Vrabel and Strunk, and despite Vrabel's questionable demands and actions, the way Strunk handled things on her end was not a very good look.

Additionally, sending Carthon to field questions in a press conference for a decision she made is not what you want to see out of your owner. It is concerning enough that she is even so heavily involved in football operations, as meddlesome ownership has a history of messing teams up in the NFL.

Despite the possible problems in the future, this is not the first time she has made a decision pertaining to football operations. In fact, there have been a few moves and almost all of them have elevated the team, so maybe we just need to trust the process here.

Amy Adams' Strunk's moves have consistently gotten results for Tennessee Titans

Since Strunk became the controlling owner of the Tennessee Titans in 2015, she has made five major firings, three of a head coach and two of a general manager. Four of the five have yielded results at least to some degree, and there honestly is not one you can look at and say has not been a good move.

Of course, it is a bit early to tell with Ran Carthon replacing Jon Robinson as GM, especially since Robinson was quite good before 2020 and helped build the Titans into a contender. Unfortunately, pretty much all of his moves from 2020 and on were bad, and he is the biggest reason why the roster was such a mess in 2023, and still is.

You can only judge a guy based on his body of work so far, and Carthon, despite his lousy press conferences at times, has done well up to this point. He came into the last offseason with limited resources in free agency but made the most of it with some low-risk, quality upside signings that have only helped.

Some of them include Arden Key, Azeez Al-Shaair, Sean Murphy-Bunting, DeAndre Hopkins, Chris Hubbard, and of course, locking up a franchise cornerstone player in Jeffery Simmons.

In the draft, Carthon took Peter Skoronski in the first round, who has been up and down, but has shown plenty of good flashes and has been about what you would expect from a rookie guard. Expectations for him are still high, and it helps that he finished strong with a monster game in the season finale.

The next night in the second round, Carthon's picks got him roasted by the fans in and out of the fanbase, and even by the local media in what was one of his rougher press conferences. It turned out that he selected what looks to be a very special talent at running back, as well as a guy who might just be the quarterback of the future.

Carthon has been successful so far in his role as GM and has only backed up Strunk's track record of making effective decisions at key organizational positions. Not to mention, this most recent one is not even the first that has been questionable.

Mike Mularkey took the Titans to an appearance in the divisional round of the 2017-18 playoffs, and it is nearly unheard of to part with coaches who take their team that far. It did not stop Strunk from cutting Mularkey loose, but of course, doing so in favor of Vrabel turned out to be the right call.

Even though Strunk's moves have panned out in the past, they do not make the Vrabel firing any less controversial. Vrabel won Coach of the Year two seasons ago and consistently did more with less than the other way around, so ousting him from a team littered with talent deficiencies certainly looks odd.

And of course, the way she handled it is not exactly becoming of someone who is a leader, let alone the owner of an NFL franchise. But none of that stuff matters if the move in question pans out, and we have evidence to show that this one actually has a good chance of doing so.

It is also known that Strunk wants to take the Titans in more of a modern-day direction than they have usually gone in, so at least she is in touch with how the league and game have evolved. The Titans franchise is at an especially pivotal juncture, but it could be a lot worse because it does seem like the owner knows the most important stuff.