Tennessee Titans offensive line situation is clear despite subterfuge

Dallas Cowboys v Tennessee Titans
Dallas Cowboys v Tennessee Titans / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

When it comes to anything that could possibly give the Tennessee Titans the slightest competitive advantage, Mike Vrabel tries to do everything in his power to keep his cards close to the vest.

Sometimes that makes perfect sense which is why we don't have a very clear picture of what the Tennessee Titans offense will really look like. Sure, we have heard the terms tempo and versatility, but since there is no public access to practices, everything is shrouded in mystery.

Other times, it can be a little bit frustrating like with what is happening with the Tennessee Titans offensive line.

The Tennessee Titans' biggest free agent signing this offseason was Andre Dillard, and their first-round pick was spent on Peter Skoronski. When you make those kinds of commitments to players, you have to assume that there is a pretty strong idea of where they will be used, but the coaching staff has to pretend that they aren't sure yet.

So, while we go through the charade of pretending that we don't know what the offensive line is, the Tennessee Titans' social media team has been putting out spoilers throughout the OTAs and minicamp.

If you go through and watch their highlights or the mic'd up clips they have been posting, the first-team offensive line has generally consisted of one lineup.

Tennessee Titans starting offensive line

I should add the note here that while this seems to be the starting offensive line right now, training camp will still give guys plenty of opportunities to win or lose jobs. While I'm not sure which player on this list could actually lose their job to their backup, it is theoretically possible.

Right Tackle: Nicholas Petit-Frere

This one is obvious because he is the only player on the Tennessee Titans offensive line who will be starting in the same spot as he did last season. Hopefully, NPF can take a step forward after what I thought was a decent season last year, and become a truly solid starting right tackle in the NFL.

Right Guard: Daniel Brunskill

Brunskill answers the question, "What if Ben Jones played guard?" He is technically sound, smart, and athletic enough though not necessarily someone that jumps off of the screen when you watch him in space. I expect him to fit in that Josh Kline tier of a guy who was solid when he had good players next to him, but he is always going to top out as a good starter.

Center: Aaron Brewer

Even though I still would like to see a competition between Brewer and Corey Levin in camp, the fact is that the Tennessee Titans' coaching staff seems to love Brewer. Even though the OC and offensive line coach from last year are gone, it still seems he has plenty of supporters in the building. While he was overwhelmed at guard last season, there is a lot of optimism that he will be able to overcome his deficiencies when he moves back to center full-time.

Left Guard: Peter Skoronski

Arm length may or may not be an issue, but putting Skoronski at guard to start his career has always felt like the smart move. While he can handle himself in a phone booth without any help, having someone to communicate with on both sides to make sure he has a crystal clear idea of what he is doing on each play should help him progress smoothly.

Maybe down the line, the Tennessee Titans can try him at left tackle if they need to, but for now, they don't need to do that so why mess him up like they did with Dillon Radunz when they made him learn four positions in his first training camp only for them to give the job to David Quessenberry who was pretty bad.

Left Tackle: Andre Dillard

There is a lot being made about the money that he is getting, but there is only one reason to talk about Dillard's contract. The only reason why it is relevant at all is because it was the biggest contract that the Titans handed out in free agency.

Even though that money never guaranteed him the left tackle job, he is still the smartest fit for the position. He has years of coaching from one of the best offensive line coaches in the NFL and his athleticism and experience in the NFL give him a lot of ways to make plays work even if everything isn't going perfectly.