Tennessee Titans OC Tim Kelly gives infuriating quote in final his press conference

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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For the last time this season Tennessee Titans fans got to hear from the team's coordinators and one quote from Tim Kelly will ring in my head all offseason long.

Fans have been subjected to some of the worst offensive line play in the NFL, and frankly some of the worst offensive line play in franchise history.

While no one has been good, the left tackle position has been a special brand of awful. How bad have the Tennessee Titans been at tackle? Well, so bad that the tackles have allowed a league-high 25% of the team's pressures despite getting more help than any tackles in the NFL outside of the Minnesota Vikings.

So why have the Titans been so hampered at left tackle? Well, the biggest acquisition of Mike Vrabel and Ran Carthon's first offseason callaborating together was Andre Dillard who has been the worst offensive tackle in the NFL this season using almost any metric.

Behind him is rookie Jaelyn Duncan who wasn't supposed to play this season, but when he has played it has looked like he has been mentored by Andre Dillard.

The Tennessee Titans could have addressed this in the first round of the draft, but they drafted Peter Skoronski. Based on the hype around Skoronski and the team's faith in Andre Dillard, it seemed like the Tennessee Titans smart move.

The Tennessee Titans did not make a smart move

Unfortunately, Skoronski isn't looking like the "can't-miss" prospect that he was billed as. In college, Skoronski was the left tackle at Northwestern so there was always going to be a little bit of a learning curve for him coming in, but that was supposed to be a bump in the road. Instead, it has been a roadblock, and over the past month, he has looked bad.

When Tim Kelly was asked to evaluate Peter Skoronski today he said this:

Paul Kuharsky asks an excellent question there, and it is something that fans have been asking the Tennessee Titans to do since training camp. Never once has there been a reported rep where Skoronski was asked to play left tackle, which means that the Tennessee Titans lied to fans from Day 1.

As soon as the 2022 season ended, this coaching staff preached about fixing the offensive line by bringing in good offensive linemen and then getting "the best five" on the field. Despite having a better left tackle on their roster from day 1, they have been stuck with the worst left tackle in the NFL and a below-average guard, because of poor evaluation and even poorer coaching.

It should be infuriating for Tennessee Titans fans to watch this team act like they have it all figured out despite two straight losing seasons. Regardless of how much money this team has or how high the draft pick is, it is decisions like this that should make fans afraid that this staff has maxed themselves out and that this team won't get any better until they clean house.