Tennessee Titans get one more chance to say goodbye to Derrick Henry

Seattle Seahawks v Tennessee Titans
Seattle Seahawks v Tennessee Titans / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

The Tennessee Titans face the Jacksonville Jaguars in a divisional matchup this weekend, and the vast majority of Titans fans are just ready to get this over with.

This has been a hard year to be a Titans fan, and the fan base is split about whether everyone in the building should be fired or just some of the people which is never a good place to be. One of the biggest victims of this catastrophe is Derrick Henry.

While I have been quick to say that the Tennessee Titans are using Derrick Henry too much, he clearly still has a role that he can fill in the NFL. Even if he isn't still the elite weapon that he was, he could be a serviceable starter with a good offensive line in front of him.

However, in the offseason, the Titans were tasked with improving the offensive line and they have somehow taken a step back (from bad to terrible). That certainly didn't help an aging running back like Henry. Excluding the year he was injured, Henry is having his worst season as a starter with lows in yards per attempt and total yards.

Change is coming for the Tennessee Titans this offseason and even though Amy Adams Strunk seems to love Derrick Henry, she has to be ready for a new era in Tennessee.

All offseason the Titans sold the idea that they just needed a few Band-Aids here and they were ready to compete with proven veterans like Henry, Ryan Tannehill, DeAndre Hopkins, Jeffery Simmons, and Kevin Byard however it didn't take long before the truth came out.

This team delayed the inevitable rebuild and tried to have their cake and eat it too. That has led to a lot of disappointment and fans have every right to be mad and to question what will happen after the season.

However, that shouldn't keep fans from celebrating the career of Derrick Henry and giving him a big send-off this Sunday. Henry was the face of this franchise for some of the best years that it has had, and while that might not have ended with a ring, plenty of elite players never get a ring for their team.

That lack of jewelry doesn't erase the dozens of stiff-arms or his incredible production throughout the years. Henry is destined for the Titans Ring of Honor and he has a great chance to get into the Hall of Fame by the time his career is over, and while this isn't a complete career retrospective, it is important to remember just how historically great Henry has been for a team that hasn't had many of those players.

Consider this a call to action for any Tennessee Titans fan on the fence about coming to the game this weekend. If you are upset with the team boo Mike Vrabel if you want to, ignore the first down chants, and stay in your seats on third downs, but when they announce Henry's name during the player introductions cheer like it is the last time you will get a chance to cheer for him, because it just might be.