Tennessee Titans fans need to see through the myth of Mike Vrabel

Tennessee Titans v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Seeing through the myth and deciding where to go next

Those are the decisions that basically bring us to where we are now. This is tracking to be the worst Tennessee Titans team in about a decade, and while Jon Robinson certainly made Mike Vrabel's life more difficult in 2021 and 2022, Mike Vrabel didn't make a single move this offseason that should convince you that he should be the one pulling the strings next season.

On top of making bad decisions in free agency and the draft
(though the ownership-driven pick of Will Levis might be the thing that saves his job), nearly every player on the Tennessee Titans roster has regressed this year.

Before his injury, Ryan Tannehill was on pace for some of the worst numbers of his career and the same is true for Derrick Henry. Young players who showed flashes last year like Chig Okonkwo, Rashad Weaver (5.5 sacks last season), Treylon Burks, Monty Rice, and Nicholas Petit-Frere all have taken a step back this season. Even players who should be in their prime like Jeffery Simmons, Arden Key, and Amani Hooker have either stalled out or they have regressed.

The myth with Mike Vrabel is that he is getting the most out of his players and that he always has. While it is absolutely fair to say that he is a good coach when he has a good roster, all you have to do is go back and look at his record to see that he isn't some miracle worker that is the only reason that the Titans have had any success over the last six years.

As the Tennessee Titans plummet past mediocrity and into irrelevance, Amy Adams Strunk has to look at this and ask whether she really thinks this is the best she can do, especially if someone is willing to give her premium picks for Mike Vrabel.

Sure, there is a talent issue on this roster, but do you know who the worst teams in the NFL are over their last 17 games? The Arizona Cardinals, Tennessee Titans, Chicago Bears, New England Patriots, and Carolina Panthers.

Two of those teams fired their head coach over the offseason, and the Chicago Bears and New England Patriots are almost certainly firing their head coaches this offseason. It should ring some alarm bells when Bill Belichick is trending towards getting fired and your coach has a worse record than he does over that stretch.

Also, looking back at the two "big-ticket" decisions that Mike Vrabel made during the free agency period (Andre Dillard and Arden Key), do fans really think that more money is going to help him make better decisions? What about ownership, do they think that he is the guy who can quickly build an offensive line and set Will Levis on the right path before he is off of his rookie contract?

Maybe it isn't time to fire or trade Mike Vrabel, but it is certainly time to stop pretending like he is a blameless victim of previous mistakes and that he isn't to blame for any of the Tennessee Titans' rapid decline.